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ANZSoilML Meeting 17-20 March 2014

Need to look at re-arranging so Peter, and david don't need to be there the full 4 days.



BruceSimons - Arriving Monday 09:30, Departing Thursday 09:00. Staying at Mercure Brisbane, 85-87 North Quay.

AlistairRitchie - Arriving Monday 07:10, Departing Thursday 17:00. Staying at Mercure Brisbane, 85-87 North Quay.





Monday AM:

1. Namespace and anzsoil.org organisation - Bruce, Alistair, Nick

Monday PM:

2. Meeting aims

3. Reports

4. ANZSoilML Implementation Status – AR, JV
  • NZ SMap data Overseer (Farm budget nutrient tool)
  • Overseer clip SMap polygons
  • WFS stored queries? or need some re-processing
  • Rebuilding National Soils Database – based on ANZSoilML
  • GSM – looked at from WFS Spatial Entity (all measurements in each package) – blows up pretty quickly
  • O&M GSM model plus portrayal model (WMS plus query response)
  • Instance docs based on ANZSoilML v2
5. Issues arising from implementation

6. UML Modelling



5. UML Modelling (cont)


7. Vocabularies

Wednesday AM

8. WCS, GSM, ANZSoilML SOS implementation

9. CSIRO-SISS -11:00

10. NZ database review

Wednesday PM

Monday 17 March

1. Namespaces and structure of anzsoil.org

1.1 Publishing structure -- AlistairRitchie


2. Aims:

  • ANZSoilML v2
  • Timeline for implementation
  • Soil paper, poster, vocab
  • harmonized with ISO
  • Vocabularies – How do they link up Global Soil Partnership platform 5
  • Implementation issues
  • Information model linkages
  • O&M vs coverages vs WFS
  • WCS to WFS linkages
  • ACLEP – Resources
  • How much of model tested
  • Delivery should be TERN raster products – how does this fit in
  • GeoTIfs, coverages, US want to deliver into GSM, Google earth
  • Tools to demonstrate – SoilApp, SINFERS
  • Info model based on testing and conceptual
  • harmonized with O&M
  • Namespace and anzsoil.org organisation
  • GSM status
  • What’s happening in Korea – bigger activities
  • Paper, Poster, Oral
  • Review of National Soil Database

3. Reports

Global Soil Map:

AR: Robert Gibb OGC - standards working group on GRID as coverages - alligned with the SCENZGrid project

PW: GSM consortium meeting

1. first delivery of GSM

GSM specs meant to be re-released;

Oz: TERN 8properties of GeoTIFFs – how do they fit in with gsmml, anzsoilml

2Tbytes, 18 layers, 12 attributes

US: have data ready to go

Global Soil Partnership

Work plan for Pillar 4: data and global distribution

km grids

profile database

eSoter polygon view

GSM layer

Action Plan for Pillar 5: data harmonization

Soil description – how to describe the soil (rewrite FAO soils book)

Soil classification

Lab methods

Data exchange models

IUSS Standards Working Group

WSCC – Korea general meeting

ISO created ISO28258 of earlier version not work carried out by Einer, Gerhard


  • ANZSoilML as a data provider layer into TERN layers;
  • So for 2016 need sustainable data infrastructure – ASRIS/ACLEP project

1. WFS Services

Results of ANZSoilML test services -- Main. JamieVleeshouwer
(Could move this to later in the meeting if preferred)

Discussion point:

What changes to ANZSoilML v2 are required to meet the test results?

2. LandCare Research progress

Report on NZ status -- AlistairRitchie

3. ANZSoilML v2 and ISO 28258

3.1. Status of ISO 28258 -- PeterWilson

3.2. ANZSoilML v2 as profile of ISO 28258 -- BruceSimons

4 ANZSoilML v2 Modelling

4.1 ANZSoilML _Core

4.1.1. Summary of changes from ANZSoilML _Core v1 to v2 -- BruceSimons Meeting discussion:
  • Rather than use SoilSample/depthRange suggestion is to use the parameter value on SF_SamplinFeature to capture the depth range. parameter name = "depth", parameter value = "DepthQuantityRange".

  • This allows removing SoilSample from the model and delivering all Soil samples as SF_SpatialSamplingFeatures, making it easier to integrate with other domains.
4.1.2. Spatial Entity Class -- AlistairRitchie

The SpatialEntity class provides a link between a notional soil feature (description package) and one spatial representation of it, or part of it. (Sites, Transects, Exposures, Surface Traces and Intercepts, etc). It could be the specific bounded occurrence, such as a map polygon.
* the SpatialEntity carries a geometry or shape
- the association with a Soil or Landscape Feature provides the specification of all the other descriptors
- the association with a Sampling Feature provides the context and dimensionality
It is equivalent to GeoSciML: MappedFeature, similar to INSPIRE SoilComplex or SoilSite or SoilPlot, and general case of ISO28258:SoilMap.

Discussion point:

Rather than specifying the properties observationMethod, positionalAccuracy and resolutionScale in SpatialEntity can any of these be determined from om:SamplingFeature properties?

Is there (should there be) an association with om:SamplingFeature?

4.1.3. DepthQuantityRange upper and lower boundary data type -- AlistairRitchie

Discussion point:

Both DepthQuantityRange properties (lowerBoundary, upperBoundary) use Measure. Elsewhere in the model we have used swe:Quantity and swe:QuantityRanges for scalar values. Should these both be swe:Quantity?
4.2ANZSoilML _Soil

4.2.1. Summary of changes from ANZSoilML _Soil v1 to v2 -- BruceSimons
  • SoilProfile changed from specialization of SoilFeature to specialization of SF_SpatialSamplingFeature
  • Added Pore and Crack as specializations of Void
  • Changed cardinality of SoilMaterial:soilConsistency from 1..1 to 1..*
4.2.2. SoilProfile - SoilFeature or SamplingFeature -- AlistairRitchie

Discussion point:

We have to be careful with the overlapping SoilFeature -> SF_SamplingFeature and Soil -> ANZSoilML2 _SoilProfile associations. Should also consider the use of the GeoSciML samplingFrame property. It’s not just the dual state of the SoilProfile that we have to consider, but also the SoilLayer where it may be a soil feature (in that its extent is constrained by character of the soil itself) or a sampling feature (arbitrary sampling interval). Interestingly the NZ Soil DB does not have a profile table anywhere. There is a site (quite definitely a sampling feature, but also, maybe, a landscape one) that has associated layers and the profile is implicit.

4.2.3. SoilMaterial:soilConsistency cardinality -- RossSearle

Discussion Point:

"Within NatSoil a horizon has a 1-to-many relationship to strength of the soil (STRENGTHS table) however the ANZSoilML only seems to allow for 1 strength value."

The cardinality of soilConsistency was changed to accommodate this. Should the change be on Consistence:strength instead?

soilConsistency cardinality change

Tuesday 18 March

4.3 ANZSoilML_Landscape

4.3.1 Landscape package -- BruceSimons

Discussion point:

ANZSoilML _Landscape is currently untested. Do we attempt to set up a test service prior to publishing?

5. ANZSoilML soil catalog

5.2. Establishing a Soil catalog -- NicholasCar

6. Landcare Research Database

6.1 Review NZ soil database -- AlistairRitchie

Wednesday 19 March

7. Vocabularies

7.1 Status of Soil Observed Property Vocabularies -- BruceSimons

7.2 Status of NZ Vocabularies -- AlistairRitchie

7.3 Further vocabulary requirements -- RossSearle

7.4 An item for discussion hosting versus registers: there’s distinction between central/shared vocabularies that will be published at http://resources.anzsoil.org/... and existing vocabularies (possibly LCR soil vocabs) that should be registered with anzsoilml.org.

However, I’m not convinced about (http://resources.anzsoil.org/(.*))

There are two soil vocabulary URIs that need redirecting:
  1. The soil object of interest = http://resources.anzsoil.org/def/aclep/soil-object/ (instance = http://resources.anzsoil.org/def/aclep/soil-object/soil)
  2. The soil property = http://resources.anzsoil.org/def/aclep/soil-property/ (instance = http://resources.anzsoil.org/def/aclep/soil-property/gravel_concentration)
The http://resources.anzsoil.org/def/aclep/soil-obs/ URI is really just an RDF mechanism to manage these two files (i.e. it imports these and any other necessary files but doesn’t specify any actual instances). It therefore doesn’t need a redirect.

In addition, http://resources.anzsoil.org/(.*) could be used for more than just the aclep soil vocabularies so the redirect should be on http://resources.anzsoil.org/def/aclep/.

8. Implementations

8.1 Using the WFS services -- PeterWilson

8.2 Using the Vocabulary services -- RossSearle

8.3 Establishing SOS services -- NicholasCar

8.4 Further service requirements -- PeterWilson

Thursday 20 March

8. Implementations (cont.)

8.5 GSM implementations -- AlistairRitchie


Action Description Date Responsible
1 Finalise ANZSoilML v2 UML April 2014 BS
2 Create ANZSoilML v2 xsd April 2014 BS
3 Create Lab methods and GSM methods vocabulary June 2014 RS
4 Publish ANZSoilML documentation to
5 Review ANZSoilML v2   PW
6 Define WFS FeatureCollection requirements March 2014 AR/JV
7 Add GSM terms to Soil Observed Property vocabulary March 2014 AR

Document proposed GSM-ANZSoilML infrastructure:

  • Complete GSM O&M documentation
  • Document WCS class implementation requirements (e.g. layer naming)
June 2014 RS/AR
9 Document Australian datastore for GSM inform AR June 2014 RS/DJ/PW
10 Establish GSM as use case for SENZGrid datacube March 2014 AR
11 Document ANZSoilML CSIRO-SISS Sprint 1 requirements March 2014 PW

ANZSoilML paper

  • implemention content
  • Review current content
June 2014 AR/JV
13 Define configuration for ANZSoilML v2 Observation (include Kelly?) March 2014 AR/JV
14 Prepare 2014-2015 project plan for CSIRO OGC Soil services April 2014 PW
15 Discuss ANZSoilML -Landscape UML to Daniel Rutledge April 2014 AR
16 Create ANZSoilML -Landscape xsd June 2014 BS
-- BruceSimons - 06 Mar 2014
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