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Improving Metadata Quality Plan


The ASRDC project is investing effort to improve the metadata that it delivers to ANDS RDA. To achieve this, it has taken a multiple approaches and based on educating the data custodian (the organisation that ASRDC harvests information from ) to increase the usability of their contributed metadata to community catalogs. ASRDC has been challenged to particularly improve the reusability and discoverability of metadata hosted in its associated community catalogs.


Various methods are being utilised.
  • Templates with examples - develop templates for metadata for each typical service type
  • Education and outreach - work with the data custodians to understand the importance of "quality" metadata
  • Build culture that values and understands the importance of the former two points
  • Investigate methods for re-purposing data within other science domains
The ASRDC project is not a data custodian and thus does not generate the metadata associated with the services it deploys with custodians. It is not in a position to edit or alter the metadata provided by data custodians since the metadata is not the Project's property, it does however have a commitment to applying the approach detailed above


-- RyanFraser - 28 Sep 2011
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