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Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) Project

Project Overview

The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) is Australia’s preeminent national weather, climate and water agency, with additional new responsibilities for environment. It is involved in a number of international collaborative projects which relate to information interchange and standards development:
  • World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) Information Services (WIS)
  • Global Framework for Climate Services;
  • Global Climate Observation System (GCOS);
  • GEOSS & GEO; and
  • Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Climate Challenge Integration Plugfest (CCIP).
ASRDC will assist BoM with a number of key SISS deployments and immerse the BoM team in the full details of the key services, practices and philosophy at the core of the services stack. This knowledge transfer is critical for BoM maintenance of existing deployments and future SISS deployments. This relationship with BoM is to assist them in developing an implementation strategy for the National Plan for Environmental Information (NPEI) and addressing ANDS priorities/goals

Project Scope For Year 2010-2011

Collaboration between BoM and ASRDC within this project scope is limited to climate (Bureau’s Australian Data Archive for Meteorology (ADAM)) and water (AWRIS) - Slake water reservoir information (BoM custom front-end : http://water.bom.gov.au/waterstorage/awris/index.html). While further activities are not explicitly covered within the scope of this project, ASRDC will assist the Bureau where possible with further interoperability development expected within the Weather and Emergency Services domains.

Key Objectives

BoM will collaborate with ASRDC to achieve the following objectives:
  • ASRDC will investigate and develop Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards that may be necessary for effective data delivery from individual Bureau projects (Web Coverage Service (WCS), Web feature Service (WFS), Web Mapping Services (WMS) and possibly Web Processing Services (WPS) and Web Coverage Processing Services (WCPS))
  • ASRDC will assist BoM with deploying SISS for interoperable information delivery of climate and water data.
  • ASRDC and BoM will develop a Bureau-skinned discovery portal (based on the AuScope discovery portal) to consume the data services that are being made interoperable. The portal will also be able to facilitate workflow-oriented data processing.
  • ASRDC will provide training in order to transfer the necessary skills involved in SISS deployment and sustained interoperability to BoM. This will remove any long-term reliance on ASRDC and empower the Bureau to independently manage future similar interoperability projects.

Key Activities

Project Scope For Year 2011-2012

For the ASRDC extension project, the Collaboration between BoM and ASRDC within this project scope is limited to the mentioned key activities below.

Key Objectives

BoM will collaborate with ASRDC to achieve the following objectives :
  • ASRDC will assist BoM progress from the work conducted in year 2010-2011 and move into providing sustainable, production systems.

Key Activities

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