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Executive Summary

The CO2CRC (http://www.co2crc.com.au) is a collaborative research centre in Australia focusing on carbon capture and storage. The CRC is a collaboration between multiple universities and research organisations. The CRC approached ASRDC to assist them in managing their data products

Project Overview

Representatives from the CRC have approached ASRDC staff for support in solving their data management problems. A similar engagement strategy is expected as with Western Australian Geothermal Centre of Excellence (WAGCOE). This group is eager and providing their IT infrastructure is suitable, could deploy part of SISS in support of managing their public data and making it available to ANDs

Problem Definition

Key Objectives

ASRDC will work with CO2CRC to provide
  • Metadata catalog
  • Repository for hosting data products
  • aid in constructing or identifying a metadata standard that satisfies their requirements
  • Process to register products
  • Education in use of tools and need for agreement on entry standards (vocabularies etc)
C02*CRC catalogue documentation page

Project Scope

In Scope
  • Aid in setup of catalog
  • Aid in setup of repository
  • Aid in identifying metadata standards and highlighting required governance of catalog and repo
  • Training and workshops to educate users
Out of Scope
  • maintaining infrastructure
  • ensuring researchers use the catalog (we can not force them)

Related Projects/Areas

The following projects are related to this project:
Project/Area Impact
WAGCOE - https://twiki.auscope.org/wiki/bin/view/Grid/GeothermalCoE Similar use case as CO2CRC. CO2CRC should work with to establish processes


The key stakeholders have been identified as:
Name Role
ASRDC Assist with implementing services for data interoperability deployment
AuScope Community Benefiting end-user group
ANDS Maintains a national research data registry
General Public Consumers of CESRE Products
CO2CRC Primary Stakeholders/users

High Level Plan

* Establish Infrastructure

* establish governance

* Create interest via "Early Adopters Group"

Major Assumptions

It is assumed that:CO2CRC will nominate a Project Lead within their organisation to advocate the use of the tools

Major Constraints

The project is constrained by:
  • Completion date must be no later than 1st Mar 2011 (maintenance & support activities will continue until June 2011)

Meeting Notes

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