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Publish Geofabric Via SISS To ANDS RDA


The Geofabric database provides a seamless surface hydrography layer for Australia at a nominal scale of 1:250,000. It consists of lines, points and polygons representing natural and man-made features such as water courses, lakes, dams and other water bodies. The natural water course layer consists of a linear network with a consistent topology of links and nodes that provide directional flow paths through the network for hydrological analysis.

This activity will publish the layers available in the Geofabric via SISS to ANDS so that the layers can be discovered, accessed, and reused by other research communities.

Workflow (Target Date : End of Septembet 2011)

  • Step 1 : Identify the right version of GeoNetwork
  • Step 2 : Getting the Geofabric metadata
  • Step 3 : GeoNetwork installation
  • Step 4 : Upload Geofabric metadata to GeoNetwork
  • Step 5 : Harvest into ANDs Sandbox

Step 1 : Identify the right version of GeoNetwork

  • Some of the important points/requirements gathered before the right version of GeoNetwork was chosen :
    • From the previous activity, BlueNet MEST has been installed to BoM dev environment in Oct 2010. BlueNet MEST has been chosen as WMO profile is required and it is only available in BlueNet MEST and not in GeoNetwork 2.6.3 (the stable release version).
    • BlueNet MEST doesn’t have the AuScope RIF-CS patch, eventhough it does have the RIF-CS capability, it doesn’t work for ANDS harvester because the GeoNetwork support for OAI-PMH “resumptionToken” only matured since GeoNetwork 2.6.2.
    • GeoNetwork 2.6.3 doesn’t include WMO profile. The GeoNetwork Trunk (2.7.x) support schema profile plug-in.
    • The AuScope RIF-CS patch is not committed to GeoNetwork trunk. The patch is intended to be ANDS-compliance, but not a generic GeoNetwork feature.
    • Geofabric metadata is base on the ANZLIC Profile 1.1.
    • BoM require a versioin of GeoNetwork that support ANZLIC Profile 1.1, Marine COmmunity Profile (MCP) 1.3 and WMO Profile 1.1
  • Base on the above requirements, BlueNet MEST (rename to ANZ-MEST since 2011-01), GeoNetwork 2.6.3 and GeoNetwork trunk 2.7.x are compared :
    GeoNetwork VersionOGC Harvester PatchAuScope RIF-CS PatchANZLIC ProfileMCP ProfileWMO Profile
    ANZ-MEST No - Does have the RIF-CS capability, but it doesn’t work for ANDS harvester because the Geonetwork support for OAI-PMH “resumptionToken” only matured since GN2.6.2, ANZ-MEST (1.4.4) base on GeoNetwork 2.4.x. Not Available Yes Yes Yes (very old version)
    GeoNetwork 2.6.3 Yes Yes No No No
    GeoNetwork Trunk (2.7.x) Yes - Committed to trunk by Craig Jones from AODN No Can be added thru GeoNetwork Metadata Schema Plug-in Can be added thru GeoNetwork Metadata Schema Plug-in Once ready, can be added thru GeoNetwork Metadata Schema Plug-in
    Note : WMO Profile in BlueNet MEST is too old and thus had not been made as a Schema Plug-in. Timo Proescholdt from WMO is working on a WMO core profile of ISO19139 which pending due to the specification is yet to be finalised. More information about the discussion can be found in http://groups.google.com/group/wmo-ipetmdi. The target release date is for later this year.
  • Base on the above fact finding, GeoNetwork trunk 2.7.x is the best option for the current project use and the following steps had been adopted to progress with the project :
    • take a snapshot of GeoNetwork trunk
    • apply the RIF-CS patch from GeoNetwork 2.6.3 manually to the trunk version and rebuild the latest RIF-CS patch for GeoNetwork trunk
    • build installer base on the snapshot with RIF-CS patch
    • install the ANZLIC and MCP profile thru schema plug-in
    • install WMO profile plugin when it comes available

Step 2 : Getting the Geofabric metadata

Step 3 : GeoNetwork installation

  • The installation of GeoNetwork trunk 2.7.x from Step 1 has been tested in both Windows and Linux environment.
  • Separate installation guide for GeoNetwork turnk 2.7.x installation and quick guide on building GeoNetwork Schema Zip Archive has been written :
    • https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/wiki/Infosrvices/Geonetwork27xInstall- the guide will guide user thru :
      • download GeoNetwork trunk, apply the RIF-CS patch (attached in the guide) and build the GeoNetwork installation files
      • create new user and database in PostgreSQL
      • install GeoNetwork to a remote server using Xming
      • some post installation configuration
      • some configuration changes for RIF-CS harvester
      • adding metadata schema/profile (e.g. iso19139.anzlic profile)
      • example of rif.xls and activities.xml which base on Geofabric metadata are attached in the guide as well. (Note : rif.xls and activities.xml may need changes to suite BOM's environment)
    • https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/wiki/Infosrvices/GeoNetworkSchemaZipArchive
      • where to download the schemaPlugins source
      • building the schema zip archive from the source
      • links to actual guide on how to create schema plugins

Step 4 : Upload Geofabric metadata to GeoNetwork

Step 5 : Harvest into ANDs Sandbox

  • Follow the guide from https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/wiki/Infosrvices/AndsRifcs(under ANDS RIF-CS Harvester section) to request access to RDA and Sandbox.
    • For Geofabric project, ASRDC had helped to request a new datasource for BoM and Datasource Administrator role (DSA) currently assigned to ASRDC for testing from CSIRO end point.
    • When BoM test environment is ready, the DSA role will be transfered to BoM and ANDS needs to be advised of the new DSA. The BoM Data Source Administrator will need to arrange access and complete ANDS legal agreements. For Production access, the BoM DSA will need an AAF token which they can obtain through the ARCS Identity Provider Service.
    • At the end of August 2011, ANDS is changing its Sandbox environment. In fact, the Sandbox will no longer exist and all records will exist in a single Production environment. The records will be subject to a publication workflow.
  • Once the access to RDA and Sandbox is granted, follow the rest of the guides from https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/wiki/Infosrvices/AndsRifcs to test the harvester and checking the quality of the metadata harvested.
  • Modification may be needed in rif.xls and activities.xml found in https://svn.auscope.org/subversion/AuScope/Geonework-Utils/Geonetwork%202.7.x/BOM/.
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