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Model Driven Architecture automation tools



Implemented functions

Database to UML

This function allows a live database to be interrogated to extract a database schema and convert it into a Platform Independent Model.

The PIM idiom is controlled by datatype mapping files, which may be a standard library or user specified.

A key motivation is effective creation of an ISO 19100 UML idiom PIM, but it is configurable and improves on the typical built-in capabilities that typically produce Platform Specific Models described in UML.

Foreign key constraints are converted into class relationships automatically.

UML to Database Definition Language

This function is the inverse of the previous, allowing configurable control over the mapping procedure.

PIM Profiler

This function allows a conceptual model to be used to generate a new semantically compatible implementation view using a specific implementation meta-model.


Meta-models under consideration include:

  • basic relational table model
  • flat-file (e.g. CSV, excel spreadsheet, shapefile or single table)
  • SKOS ConceptScheme
  • OWL (modulo some convention for expressing models in OWL)
  • ebXML Registry

Functions under development

Model package versioning

This tool provides for versioning a model package. It creates a "deep clone" - like exporting and importing with GUID "stripping", but provides additional control over the process:
  • updates version number in convenient dialogue
  • option to automatically create a model mapping - treating the old version as an implementation profile of the new version, allowing generation of data migration scripts, backwards-compatible views of the new model (eg SQL views from a database implementation), ontology view of version relationships, visual record of changes (since only changed elements need to be visible in this mapping model)
  • option to update references to external package elements to references in new versions of external packages
  • will be integrated in future into a registry-oriented publication system to allow recording of the new version and relevant metadata

Model package dependency migration

Allows update of external object references from one package to another (based on element name matching).

This can be used to:
  • update model dependencies between versions
  • fix spurious references to the wrong model (eg when choosing the wrong instance of data type from a drop-down list in EA)
  • migrate dependencies to equivalent models.

Implementation Modeller (PIMP to PIM mapper)

This function allows an existing implementation model to be mapped to a conceptual model.

Proposed functions (not yet implemented)

PIMP conformance tester

This function provides a report on the completeness of mapping of mandatory elements of the PIM onto PIMP elements or declared constant values assumed for the PIMP.

Vocabulary service importer

This function imports the content model of one or more vocabularies (external registers) so they can be factored into a model.

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