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OGC Domain Modelling WG


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Note: this proposal did not proceed and may now be considered dormant.


A number of "domain modelling" activities have been undertaken following a common trajectory of UML modelling to create GML application schemas. (see SchemaFormalization). A number of common issues have been identified, and certain improvements in the toolkits and methodologies have begun.

See http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/informatics/index.html and for specific feedback on the issues.

The nature of the issues are significant in terms of feasibility, maintainability and cost of the modelling exercise, and also the practicalities of creating implementations.

An "GML WG Domain Modelling Ad-hoc" at the June 06 OGC Technical Committee meeting in Edinburgh showed that there is considerable alignment and overlap across a range of activities, and did not identify any significant alternative approaches.

A forum is needed for community discussion of the issues and agreement around best practices. New profiles or specifications may be required. Since this cuts across many OGC domains, but the issues are not being addressed by any specific working group currently, it is proposed that a working group is set up possibly under the auspices of the GML working group. This latter group is felt to be appropriate because the issue affects the development of GML schemas. The issues however cut across many other areas, and are not confined to GML, so making a specific group allows targetted involvement of the other working groups in the specific issues.

Draft Terms of Reference

  1. Develop and publish architecture of domain models - how they can be componentised and reused
  2. Domain modelling methodology
  3. GML schema binding methdologies, and reference tooling
  4. Support issues arising from specific domain modelling activities (eg MarineXML)
  5. Feature Type Catalogue implementation (including profile of CSW as a technology binding)
  6. liaison with GML, Architecture, Metadata, ICS and other working groups to state domain modelling requirements and feedback
  7. implementation of ISO 19109, ISO 19110 and ISO 19126 specifications within the OGC specification set
  8. mechanisms for application of ISO19139 to feature level metadata

Resourcing and operations

Resourcing the WG is initially expected to be primarily through the activities of domain modelling activities, working in a collaborative forum to acheive and future-proof common solutions.

How formal we need membership and arbitration processes to be will determine the level of commitment. As a sub-WG of GML it should be enough to have member(s) of the GML WG delegated to liaise, and specific program activities assigned to interested parties on an as-needs basis. If more formal process is required, the organisations making such a requirement should look at resourcing the roles required to manage such processes.

How open should the group be? Should we attempt to reach out to domain modelling groups outside the OGC, who are OGC specification consumers - a "User's Group" concept?

Some activities, such as specification creation, may require more targetted resourcing commitment.

Supporting activities

Activities that will conduct business through this forum in order to achieve common solutions are:


  • OGC input to the Data Specifications Drafting Team (DT) for the INSPIRE Implementation Rules
  • MarineXML (MOTIIVE)
  • GeoSciML

National Framework

  • Australia: ANZLIC/ICSM Harmonised Data Model

Local and national domain specific

  • Australian Water Quality Data Infrastructure

Interested parties.

The following people are actively involved in the development of methodologies or tools necessary for domain modelling. Please add to this list

What next

OGC has accepted a recommendation to establish a "reference implementation" of a Feature Type Catalogue. Work is currently underway to identify who will undertake this, with a deployment under the Motiive/INSPIRE activity planned to test the concept.

OGC still needs to find a home for the activity, perhaps this should be posed to the new Architecture Board

Interested parties should suggest refinements to TOR and register interest in the list above.

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