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CGI Registers

This is the official register of registers of resources associated with the CGI Interoperability Framework. Each item in this register records the association of a public identifier to a locator for the register.

Register maintenance

This register is urn:cgi:register:CGI:register

The register owner is Commission for the Management and Application of Geoscience Information

The control body for this register is CGINamingAuthority

The register manager is SimonCox

Register content

authority registerName version Scope Public Resource Identifier Resource Locator Submitting Organization Status Register item identifier
CGI register   Kinds of lists of resources that may be registered urn:cgi:register:CGI:register https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/wiki/bin/view/CGIModel/CGIRegisterRegister CGI Added 2007-11-07 urn:cgi:registerItem:CGI:register:CGI_register
CGI authority   agents that may register resources urn:cgi:register:CGI:authority https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/wiki/bin/view/CGIModel/CGIAuthorityRegister CGI Added 2007-10-04 urn:cgi:registerItem:CGI:register:CGI_resourceOwner
CGI resourceClass   register of kinds of resources urn:cgi:register:CGI:resourceClass https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/wiki/bin/view/CGIModel/CGIResourceClassRegister CGI Added 2007-10-04 urn:cgi:registerItem:CGI:register:CGI_resourceClass
CGI doctype   register for kinds of documents urn:cgi:register:CGI:doctype https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/wiki/bin/view/CGIModel/CGIDoctypeRegister CGI Added 2007-10-04 urn:cgi:registerItem:CGI:register:CGI_doctype
CGI document   register of identified document instances urn:cgi:register:CGI:document https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/wiki/bin/view/CGIModel/CGIDocumentRegister CGI Added 2007-11-07 urn:cgi:registerItem:CGI:register:CGI_document
CGI xmlns   register of namespace URI's, linking them with xml schema where appropriate urn:cgi:register:CGI:xmlns https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/wiki/bin/view/CGIModel/CGIxmlnsRegister CGI Added 2007-11-08 urn:cgi:registerItem:CGI:register:CGI_xmlns
CGI schema   register of xml schema urn:cgi:register:CGI:schema https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/wiki/bin/view/CGIModel/CGISchemaRegister CGI Added 2007-11-08 urn:cgi:registerItem:CGI:register:CGI_schema
CGI propertyType   register of property types that may be associated with entities/classes in data models (schema, ontology, database) urn:cgi:register:CGI:propertyType https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/wiki/bin/view/CGIModel/CGIPropertyTypeRegister CGI Added 2007-11-08 urn:cgi:registerItem:CGI:register:CGI_propertyType
CGI serviceType   register of kinds of internet-accessible services. Includes profiles of more generic service types. May be userful to populate srv:serviceType elements in ISO19139 metadata documents urn:cgi:register:CGI:serviceType https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/wiki/bin/view/CGIModel/CGIServiceTypeRegister CGI Added 2007-11-08 urn:cgi:registerItem:CGI:register:CGI_serviceType
CGI classifierScheme   register of vocabularies that contain terms used to populate property instances in datasets urn:cgi:register:CGI:classifierScheme https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/wiki/bin/view/CGIModel/CGIClassifierSchemeRegister CGI Added 2007-11-08 urn:cgi:registerItem:CGI:register:CGI_classifierScheme
CGI feature   register of particular located, identifiable entities of interest urn:cgi:register:CGI:feature https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/wiki/bin/view/CGIModel/CGIFeatureRegister CGI Added 2007-11-08 urn:cgi:registerItem:CGI:register:CGI_feature
CGI object   register of particular identifiable entities of interest urn:cgi:register:CGI:object https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/wiki/bin/view/CGIModel/CGIObjectRegister CGI Added 2007-11-08 urn:cgi:registerItem:CGI:register:CGI_object
CGI party   register of identifiable agents, including persons, organizations urn:cgi:register:CGI:party https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/wiki/bin/view/CGIModel/CGIPartyRegister CGI Added 2007-11-08 urn:cgi:registerItem:CGI:register:CGI_party
CGI GeoSciML   register of featureTypes and objectTypes that are in the scope of the GeoSciML schema urn:cgi:register:CGI:GeoSciML https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/wiki/bin/view/CGIModel/CGIGeoSciMLRegister CGI Added 2008-05-23 urn:cgi:registerItem:CGI:register:CGI_GeoSciML
CGI GeoTime   register of featureTypes and objectTypes that are in the scope of the GeoTime schema urn:cgi:register:CGI:GeoTime https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/wiki/bin/view/CGIModel/CGIGeoTimeRegister CGI Added 2008-05-23 urn:cgi:registerItem:CGI:register:CGI_GeoTime
ICS StratChart   register of named time ordinal era classifiers in stratigraphic time scale classiferSchemes, associates classifiers with particular versions of a time scale urn:cgi:register:ICS:StratChart https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/wiki/bin/view/CGIModel/ICSStratChartRegister CGI Added 2008-05-22 urn:cgi:registerItem:CGI:register:ICS_StratChart
GGIC EarthResourceML   register of featureTypes and objectTypes that are in the scope of the EarthResourceML schema urn:cgi:register:GGIC:EarthResourceML https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/wiki/bin/view/CGIModel/GGICEarthResourceMLRegister GGIC Added 2009-08-14 urn:cgi:registerItem:CGI:register:GGIC_EarthResourceML

Explanation of register structure

Each item in this register is identified as urn:cgi:registerItem:CGI:register:{authority}_{registerName}[_{version}]

The value in the registerName field of an item defines the token that shall be used as the value of the {registerName} element in a URN constructed according to the CGIIdentifierScheme.

The value in the version field of an item defines the token that shall be used as the value of the (optional) {version} element in a URN constructed according to the CGIIdentifierScheme.

The Public Resource Identifier for each register is urn:cgi:register:{authority}:{registerName}[:{version}] per the definition of the ResourceSpecificString in urn:cgi:registerItem:resourceClass:register.

The locator for each register is given in the Resource Locator field.

The value in the authority field of an item shall be a value from the authority field of an item in the CGIAuthorityRegister.

How many registers per resource class?

The "Resource specific string structure" currently allows for more than one register per resource class, through the (optional) "registerName" field, which is in addition to the CGIResource field.

However, it is not clear if this is required for all, or even any classes. Multiple feature-type registers may define distinct feature-type catalogues under CGI governance. But the schema affiliation of a feature-type is already accounted for by the "schema" field within the feature-type name.

What is the relationship between "schema" and "feature-type catalogue"? ...


Interested parties may submit requests for additions, modifications and deletions in this register. Use the comment form below, and alert the register manager SimonCox by email.

should we add a register for OWL ontologies? Steve Richard

-- SteveRichard - 2010-01-04

What kind of resource is an OWL ontology? Is there an existing entry in CGIResourceClassRegister that is suitable?

-- SimonCox - 2010-01-05

I see that the ClassifierScheme register header notes say its for lexicons, vocabularies, and ontologies, so looks like they could fit in there. There isn't a clear cut reason to proliferate the number of registers.

-- SteveRichard - 2010-01-06

Yep - that was my thinking too.

-- SimonCox - 2010-01-06
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