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Configuring Enterprise Architect for the GeoSciML (v4 and v3.1) and EarthResourceML (v2) model

Also see ConfiguringEnterpriseArchitectForGeoSciMLDiscussion

Please note: these instructions have changed (17 May 2013) to reflect changes in organisation of the HollowWorld, SWE and GeoSciML UML models.

1. Make a SVN 'working copy' of public XMI documents

SVN checkout the following directories The GeoSciML directories contain a lot of SVN Externals, so you should run SVN update regularly to sync them with the master copies.

The SVN Externals configuration uses the SVN 1.5 syntax, so your SVN client must be 1.5 or later.

2. Set up Enterprise Architect Version Control Configurations:

In Enterprise Architect, set up or confirm the following Version Control Settings:
Unique ID Type Repository
HollowWorld Subversion working copy of https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/subversion/HollowWorld/branches/release_4
isotc211 Subversion working copy of https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/mirrors/iso-harmonized-model
GeoSciML4 Subversion working copy of https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/subversion/GeoSciML/trunk/model/ (for version 4)
GeoSciML Subversion working copy of https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/subversion/GeoSciML/tags/3.1/model/ (for version 3.1)

For the EarthResourceML model:
Unique ID Type Repository
EarthResourceML Subversion working copy of https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/subversion/xmml/GGIC/trunk/model/

3. Load the HollowWorld UML model (branch release 4)

Follow the instructions at ConfiguringUMLToolForHollowWorld,

Note: the HollowWorld configuration changes occasionally. If users wish to change the release version of HollowWorld that they are using (eg, from a release version to trunk, or vice-versa), users should reload HollowWorld into a brand new, blank Enterprise Architect project with new Version Control Settings (see step 2 above), before then loading the GeoSciML and EarthResourceML models.

EA v7.5 or later is recommended for full compatibility with the SVN systems.

4. Load the GeoSciML UML model

In Enterprise Architect,
  1. Right click on the root model icon... Package Control -> Get Package
  2. Select the Version Control Configuration for "GeoSciML4" (or "GeoSciML" for version 3.1)
  3. Select the shared file for "GeoSciML4.0.xml" (or "geosciml.xml" for version 3.1)
    • don't load any of the other packages manually - you'll get them in the next step.
  4. ...Package Control -> Get All latest

5. Load the EarthResourceML UML model

  1. Right click on the root model icon... Package Control -> Get Package
  2. Select the Version Control Configuration for "EarthResourceML"
  3. Select the shared file for "EarthResource.xml"
  4. ...Package Control -> Get All latest
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