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EarthResourceML Edinburgh 2011 Meeting Notes

Also see EdinburghF2F2011EarthResourceMLMeetingNotesDiscussion

EarthResourceML v2 RC2 Harmonization with INSPIRE proposed changes

Throughout the model:
  • instead of using 0..1 use 1..* and <voidable> & nillable=true tag
  • Remove ScopedName, CGI_Term,
'endUsePotential' data type should be 'EndUsePotentialTypeCode', not EndUsePotentialType'

Remove the association between MiningWaste and Mine

Add an association between MiningActivity and MiningWaste

Change DataType for MiningWaste:environmentalImpact to anyURI

Remove processingType from MiningWaste

Create a ClassMap for EarthResourceML


EarthResourceML v1 CodeLists need to be added to CGI Vocabularies with appropriate URIs

Proposed INSPIRE (ProMine) code lists need to be added to CGI Vocabularies

INSPIRE propose using IMA mineral name list for EarthMaterial:Mineral:mineralName

Add INSPIRE Commodity:importanceCode to CGI Vocabularies

EarthResourceML Actions

These are required after GeoSciML v3 schema Generation (planned for end August) - EarthResourceML to be publically released at AGU beginning December.

JohnLaxton - ACTION: Generate a new EarthResourceML v2 RC2 Information Model with the changes identified on the meeting notes page (EarthResourceML Model Design Agenda and Meeting Notes) and add to EarthResourceML Subversion directory - By end September

JohnLaxton - ACTION: Approach Clemens Portele to create an EarthResourceML schema - By end September

ACTION: Create instance documents: - By end October ACTION: Provide draft vocabularies to Concepts Design Task Group - JouniVuollo - by end July (end August - holiday period on July!)

ACTION: Upgrade EarthResourceML - Portrayal to be consistent with EarthResourceML v2 and GeoSciML - Portrayal - BruceSimons by end August
  • any more Data model design required
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