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GSV Deegree GeoSciML v2.0 Implementation

Also see GSVDeegreeImplementationDiscussion


This page will ultimately contain instructions for the deployment of GeoSciML v2.0 web feature services using the Deegree software. In the meantime I have simply uploaded the Deegree configuration files and a copy of the source database for those of you who are happy to reverse engineer the solution with the help of the Deegree documentation.

Note that this configuration implements three services (see here for details) using one Deegree instance. Consequently the gsml:MappedFeatures served by each external service are distinguished by a suffix (for example MappedFeatures served by the GeologicUnit service are named MappedFeature_GU). A simple mediator has been written in Java to, along with Apache, redirect requests to Deegree from the external 'virtual' services.

We are happy to make this mediator available once I manage to get the developer resources to fix it up a bit (minor bugs and the reduction of rampant hard coding of configuration paramaters).

However ... the final version of this page will details how to deploy GeoSciML v2.0 services using only Deegree and it's inbuilt XSLT mediator. No additional programming or the deployment of other mediators. Just to keep things a little less confusing. (The use of mediators like the one above to reduce the number of instances of Deegree deployed will be handled on a separate page.)

High-level component diagram for GSV's deployment.


GSV GeoSciML v2.0 Demonstrator Home Page: Details of the GSV web feature services.
GSV GeoSciML v2.0 Sample Requests: Sample requests with simple forms which can send the requests to the relevant WFS.


Apache Tomcat v4.x or higher
  • See the Deegree wiki for information about Tomcat versions known to cause problems with long HTTP POST requests.
Deegree WFS v2.1
  • GeoSciML functions (eg gsml_is_pref_age) cannot be implemented in Deegree WFS v2.2 (does not appear to allow locally defined functions).
PostgreSQL with PostGIS
  • GSV's deployment used PostgreSQL v8.2.4 with PostGIS v1.3.1

Configuration Files

The attached file wfs.zip contains the contents of our Deegree instance's wfs folder. Simply replace (or augment) the contents of

[Your Deegree installation]/WEB-INF/conf/wfs

with the contents of the wfs folder in the zip file.

PostgreSQL/PostGIS Database

The file gsmltestbed.zip conatins a mix of DDL and Postgres backup files that can be used to create the Postgres database GSV used for the GeoSciML services. See the file 0.READ ME.txt for installation instructions.

Use of the database is subject to the conditions of the Victorian Department of Primary Industries Digital Data Access License.

Note that the file contains 1:50,000 and 1:250,000 scale mapping data from our Seamless Geology project but, due to space constraints, only the occurrences (geometry data) for the 1:250,000 mapping are included in this database.
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