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GeoSciML - Portrayal View

the schema previously known as GeoSciML-Thematic View

Also see GeoSciMLThematicViewDiscussion


The GeoSciML portrayal view (initially referred to as GeoSciML Thematic view GeoSciML-TV) schema has been proposed to standardise the interaction (request/response formats) with layer-based map services. It is best thought of as a view of GeoSciML data that denormalizes the data and concatenates complex property values into single, human-readable, labels and returns single, representative, values from controlled vocabularies for properties multi-valued properties that can be used when generating thematic maps, or portrayals, of the data.

GeoSciML-portrayalis a new GML application schema that is separate to, but harmonized with, GeoSciML and conforms to the level 0 of the Simple Features Profile for GML. Labels, will be 'free-text' fields that will be, in robust services, well-structured summaries of complex GeoSciML data, while the representative thematic properties will be URIs of concepts in a controlled vocabulary (for example CGI Simple Lithology). There will also be links, via identifier URIs*, providing hooks to full GeoSciML representations of a the geologic feature in question.

The well-defined structure and use of controlled vocabularies for representative thematic properties will ensure that simple map servers can deliver basic geological map data in a consistent manner. The primary advantage here is that it will allow the same SLD to be used on, or sent to, multiple Web Map Services (WMS).

Note that we use the term map service in a loose sense as we propose that this schema is not simply use for the definition of WMS layers but also, at the very least, as a guide KML represenations of geologic features.

* URI is used to mean all types of Uniform Resource Identifier. The preferred approach will be the use of HTTP-URIs but URNs may be used by some communities.

Call for Feedback

An initial table summarising the proposed schema has been posted here: GeoSciMLThematicViewModelDiscussion.

The schema will be designed and maintained by the GeoSciML Design Task Group but we invite all members of the CGI Interoperability Working Group to comment on and discuss the model on the TWiki discussion page. Other interested parties are welcome to comment via the auscope-geosciml mailing list (see below).

XML schema for version 1

Located at http://schemas.geosciml.org/geosciml-portrayal/1.0/geosciml-portrayal.xsd


The GeoSciML Portrayal View information model and encoding is maintained by the GeoSciML Design task group.

For details of the proposed GeoSciML Thematic View schema for map services see GeoSciMLThematicViewModel.

There is also a GeoSciML Model Design email list that you can subscribe to at: http://lists.arcs.org.au/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/auscope-geosciml
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