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GeoSciML - Portrayal View - Model

Also see GeoSciMLThematicViewModelDiscussion

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Note: this was originally called 'Thematic View', but name was changed to Portrayal view after discussion and review

Namespace is http://geosciml.org/xmlns/geosciml-thematicview/1.0.0

-- SteveRichard - 22 Oct 2011

Model and XSD Location


A full description of the model, and accompanying discussion is at GeoSciMLThematicViewModelDiscussion.

GeoSciML - Thematic View Model

GeoSciML - Thematic View - Dependencies

Modelling Notes

  • Modelled using HollowWorld for consistency with GeoSciML modelling practices.
  • However, because this is a presentation model the order of attributes has been based on the order in which they should appear to a user - labels first, then URI values.
    • As a result the modelling approach has not used inheritance as this would over-ride that ordering, presenting shared attributes first.
  • The gsmltv:identifer, gsmltv:name and gsmtv:description attributes have been defined, instead of using their GML equivalents, as a concession to the inability of a number of target WMS applications to handle multiple namespaces in a configuration.

Example Web Map Services

  • GeoScience Victoria : Watch this space

Example Web Feature Services

  • GeoScience Victoria :




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