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Geologic Feature and Mapped Feature

Also see GeologicFeatureDiscussion

Scope Notes

"I'm not into this detail stuff. I'm more concepty " - D. Rumsfeld

The core model for mapped entities distinguishes between

Geologic Feature

A conceptual feature that is hypothesized to exist coherently in the world
  • this corresponds with a "legend item" from a traditional geologic map
  • while the bounding coordinates of a Geologic Feature may be described, its shape is not

The implemented Geologic Feature instance acts as the "description package"
  • the description package is classified according to its purpose as a Norm or an Instance

Mapped Feature

  • the specific bounded occurrence, such as an outcrop or map polygon
  • the Mapped Feature carries a geometry or shape
    • the association with a Geologic Feature (legend item) provides specification of all the other descriptors
    • the association with a Sampling Feature provides the context and dimensionality

A Mapped Feature is always associated with some sampling feature - e.g. a mapping surface, a section, a Borehole (see BoreHolesAndObservation) etc. As noted on the diagram, if the associated sampling feature is a Borehole, then the shape of the MappedFeature will usually be either a point or an interval. This reconciles the 2-D ("map", section) and 1-D (borehole, traverse) viewpoints in a common abstraction.

For more details on Sampling Features see links from BoreHolesAndObservation.

MappedFeature provides a map between a notional feature (GeologicFeature) and one spatial representation of it, or part of it. Exposures, Surface Traces and Intercepts, etc

Do two MappedFeatures describe the same outcrop? test by spatial intersection! Multiple geometries on same mapped feature may occur due to: 1. different scales 2. mapped by different people (etc) 3. mapped at different times

Controlled Concept

  • items in the classification framework
  • every GeologicUnit may be classified as being representative of a Controlled Concept
  • each Controlled Concept must be associated with one prototype feature or object, which is the prototype for its description

Top level of GeoSciML ver2.0 Model

  • Diagram of CGI_Top package (Mapped Feature) version 2 as at October 2007:

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