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Geologic Unit

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Scope Notes

A notional unit, whose complete and precise extent is inferred to exist. Practically, spatial properties are only available through association with a MappedFeature. Includes both formal units (i.e. formally adopted and named in the official lexicon) and informal units (i.e. named but not promoted to the lexicon) and unnamed units (i.e. recognisable and described and delineable in the field but not otherwise formalised).



Hard subtypes have been deprecated in version 2. These geologic unit types are now represented by controlled concepts used to specify the GeologicUnitType property. -- SteveRichard - 02 Dec 2008

GeoSciML ver2.0 Model

In the version 2 model, hard subtypes for geologic units have been replaced by a soft type approach, with the unit type specified by the GeologicUnitType property. GeologicUnitType is always by reference (byReference in XML schema). This is proscribed to allow definition of new unit types, under the condition that types are specified by controlled concepts that are registered. Use of a gsml:GeologicVocabulary of ControlledConcepts for GeologicUnitTypes is preferred over a schema-level codelist because it allows some structure, such as the use of 'GeologicUnit' as a root type.

We are opting for the reasonable middle ground which is:

"anything goes, providing you are prepared to register it first, which probably means that you'll choose something from a standard vocabulary to save yourself the effort, with the desirable side-effect of increased likelihood of interoperability".

Summary by -- SteveRichard - 02 Dec 2008 of e-mail discussion on auscope-geoscieml-testbed list, Nov 24-Dec 1, 2008

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