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Geoscience Terminology Working Group


-- SteveRichard - 05 Feb 2013


Develop, review, adopt, publish, and steward vocabularies and associated documentation for use in geoscience information systems. Develop liaisons with other semantic interoperability groups to ensure cross-domain interoperability. Special emphasis should be made to involve participants and integrate concepts and requirements from regional communities outside of North America, Europe and Australia.




The CGI has had two previous workgroups involved in vocabulary production. The Multi-lingual Thesaurus Working Group was formed in 2003 to continue work of the Multhes working group of the 1990s. The Concept Definition Task Group was formed by the CGI Interoperability Working Group in 2007 to develop concept vocabularies for populating GeoSciML interchange documents. Much work remains on both of these projects, but because of their overlapping interests the CGI council has determined that it will be more efficient and effective to merge the efforts.

The new Geoscience Terminology Working Group (GTWG) will accept proposals and requests for vocabularies to add to a CGI vocabulary portfolio. Each vocabulary will be assigned a ‘shepherd’ responsible for chairing a task team to develop a draft vocabulary, reach out to the community for review and comment, respond to comments, and recommend adoption to the Working Group. Upon adoption the vocabulary will be registered in the CGI vocabulary repository. The shepherd will ensure that registration procedures are followed and that online access to the registered vocabulary is functional. The vocabulary shepherd will subsequently monitor comments, bug reports, and requests for changes for the vocabulary, and recommend actions to the Working Group. These might be bug fixes, or establishment of a new task team to review the vocabulary and recommend a new version.

Member Responsibilities

Each GTWG member will be expected to shepherd one or more vocabularies. There are currently 31 vocabularies in the CGI portfolio, developed for GeoSciML interchange documents (e.g. see http://resource.geosciml.org/201202/). Vocabulary development in both groups has been conducted first by gathering candidate terms in Excel spreadsheets because these are easy for text editing and review. When the vocabulary is mature, it is migrated into SKOS (http://www.w3.org/2004/02/skos/), an RDF application for encoding concepts with identifiers, definitions, source information, standard thesaurus type relationships, and multilingual labels. Adopted vocabulary distribution should include a SKOS RDF/XML file, HTML views, and text lookup files (URI, label, definition, source) for use in relational database systems.

Work Items

Currently there are 30 vocabularies still required for GeoSciML v3, and 38 proposed vocabularies for use with EarthResourceML (see links from http://www.cgi-iugs.org/tech_collaboration/ interoperability_working_group.html ). The vocabulary queue is being managed using a Google Spreadsheet. In addition, a project to develop a lithogenetic map unit vocabulary to use for regional geologic map integration using OGC web map services is under way (contact https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/wiki/bin/view/Main/SteveRichard for information).

In addition, considerable work remains to be done to integrate multilingual geoscience terms developed by the MLT Working Group with existing CGI vocabularies to provide multilingual support, and to make the thesaurus compiled by the MLT Working Group accessible online. The objective is to publish MTG/CGI concepts as RDF/XML through CGI vocabulary services, including asserted relationships between concepts in those vocabularies and concepts in other vocabularies, e.g. a MTG/CGI concept is a skos:exactMatch to a GEMET concept, or a skos:closeMatch to a SWEET concept. The existing vocabularies need to be established in a permanent repository under stewardship of the GTWG, with documented policies for vocabulary management.

-- SteveRichard - for CGI Council 2012-10-22
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