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Hacking ArcIMS

How to wrap ArcIMS to convert ESRI/Private GML to GeoSciML

Is GeoSciML the official name of what we're doing here ?


The problem we try to solve here is to turn this model

Client ---> ArcIMS (with or without OGC WFS connector)
Client <--- ArcIMS


Client ---> Wrapper ---> ArcIMS (with or without OGC WFS connector)
Client <--- Wrapper <--- ArcIMS

So some customisation can happen before the query get to ArcIMS and also before the GML goes back to the client. This wrapper is necessary because the schema used in both incoming calls and outgoing response will use GeoSciML and the local database should remain structure using its original schema. Therefore some translation must happen before the call is sent to ArcIMS (or within ArcIMS is this is possible) and some other translation must happen after ArcIMS generate GML in the local schema in order to translate it in GeoSciML.

ESRI solution

There is some litterature about wfs and ArcIMS here http://interops.esri.com/help/

Interesting tidbits we have to consider

  1. The WFS Connector only supports GetFeatures requests sent using the HTTP POST method (this impacts client design)
  2. The user groups related to this topic are totally empty (GML and Interop) so we are in uncharted territory here...

Java Connector

Found this promising document : http://support.esri.com/index.cfm?fa=knowledgebase.techarticles.articleShow&d=23410

apparently, there is a way to filter incoming request using a connector servlet.

-- EricBoisvert - 02 Sep 2005

Server side application

A more sophisticated solution http://gis.esri.com/library/userconf/proc01/professional/papers/pap124/p124.htm

-- EricBoisvert - 06 Sep 2005

Third party solution


There are some work being done to write a wrapper over ArcIMS in Cocoon here: http://geoid.cocoondev.org/. It's pretty quiet but I have done some work myself to wrap a wfs server. ArcXML works exactly the same way as wfs (interaction between a client and a server using XML).

-- EricBoisvert - 02 Sep 2005

  • The Geoid project seems to be pretty dead. There's been no activity on the web site since 8/2003 and the ArcIMS connector that's presented there is specific for ArcIMS 4.x. I suspect most sites have moved to ArcIMS 9.x by now (we're currently running ver. 9.1).
  • Here's a link to the Cocoon Project home page.

-- BruceJohnson - 09 Sep 2005

  • I created a simple Cocoon pipeline that get a ARCXML request, send it to ArcIMS and stream back the result (without any transformation). I plan to document how I intend to build the wrapper in a series of pages , the first one is CocoonArcIms.

-- EricBoisvert - 12 Sep 2005

-- EricBoisvert - 13 Sep 2005
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