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Architecture Working Group Agenda and Meeting Notes

Tuesday 22/2009 - 8:30 - 18:00
  • 8:30 - Architecture WG organisation
    • Review of Architecture WG scope

EB asked a question about the overview of architecture: Who has the 'box of tools' for the architecture? CGI-GeoSciML and/or OneGeology-Global, OneGeologyEurope and/or , AUSCOPE? Answer (time limited) projects will provide the physical resources using the architecture specification tested, owned and governed by CGI-GeoSciML. This design needs to allow for one single 'master' place for the cgi-geosciml governed urn resolving web services Auscope will want a copy of these vocabularies on there own local resolvers but need a governed official master service from which to harvest master copies. The BGS run CGI web service perhaps should be perhaps the home of this master service as they serve the current cgi-iugs.org 'home' pages KA as chair of CGI asked for official plan to be sent to cgi council and they will try to fund this (money to BGS?). BS stated we must work on that plan as a deliverable from this TG.

    • Review of WG composition (to update memberships) - the New Membership composition was confirmed as: Eric Boisvert, Jean-Jacques Serrano, Agnes Tellez-Arenas, Steve Richard, Alistair Ritchie, Dale Percival, Tim Duffy and Marcus Sen (accepted proposal a little later).
    • To appoint a chair for this WG - Eric Boisvert and Jean-Jacques Serrano agreed to be confirmed as co-chairs
  • 9:00 - Information about standards
    • GML 3.2.1 - Implications for service architecture - Simon Cox ( from JRC SDI unit, Italy)
    • Status of WFS 2.0 (ISO19142) and Filter Encoding 2.0 (ISO19143) - Peter Vretanos (Editor of OGC WFS 1.1. and ISO WFS 2.0 standards from Cubewerx, Toronto). (WFS_2.0_Features.ppt: Peter Vretanos WFS 2.0 presentation)

Following two excellent presentations and discussions on the implications for the development of GeoSciML V3 BS proposed and it was unaimously agreed that:: "Geosciml v3 release candidates will be based on GML 3.1.1 implementation for testing the final production release of GeoSciML v 3 will wait for commercial and open source software to support both gml 3.2.1 and wfs2 (within that modules of conformance level that the GeoSciML community decides it needs) which will probably second half of 2010. AUSCOPE Geoserver plans to work on WFS2 implementation from the second half of 2010. An ISO FDIS (final standard) WFS2 and FES 2 document will be placed on the OGC portal by Peter probably by end November which is very very unlikely to change in any intent until the FDIS completes formal ISO publication (currently timetabled as September 2010). This 'fixed' ogc portal document allows commercial and opensource software suppliers to implement wfs2 and Peter reckoned that his Cubewerx software will support wfs2 production by end of 2009. The controlled concept vocabulary package is proposed in GeoSciML v3 to be replaced by SKOS implementation this does not require changing the UML, the latter is encoding implementation".

    • Relationship with OGC

President of OGC had recently requested we call a special session at the upcoming OGC TC - as it was only next week it had not been possible to organise this and the meeting felt it did not have a clear list of issues to raise yet. It wss noted that these TC's occur every 4 months apporixmately and we should choose one to get on the agenda on with time for preparation. Meanhwile SImon Cox will be attending the imminet one and can be our eyes and ears for that one, It was noted that Francois Robida of BRGM was now on main OGC board and offered to liaise and raise any issues tha the GeoSciML initiative wished when relevant.

  • 9:30 - Short review of current implemented architectures

See ngwd-bdnes.cits.nrcan.gc.ca/gwml , portal.auscope.org, http://onegeology-europe.brgm.fr/geoportal, lab.usgin.org

    • Geological Surveys when different from projects
10:00 - 10:30 Coffee break 15:30 - 16:00 Coffee break
    • 16:00 - 3. Registry of datasets, services, system specifications (standard queries, ...)
      • issues # 2, 4, 8, 10, 11, 12
18:00 - End of Architecture WG meeting

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