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Quebec City 2009 F2F Meeting


The meeting is scheduled on September 21-25th 2009

ALERT! OneGeology Technical working group meeting is scheduled on Friday pm. Please contact me (EricBoisvert) directly to confirm attendance. You can also visit Centre géoscientifique de Québec page.


* GSC Quebec office location:

The meeting will be held in INRS (Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique) building which host GSC-Quebec offices. GSC-Québec is located at 490 de la Couronne, in downtown Quebec City.

Getting to Quebec City

Quebec City (YQB) Jean Lesage International airport is relatively small therefore, direct international flights often goes through Montréal, QC (YUL), Toronto ON (YYZ) or Newark (EWR, NJ,USA) and other surrounding hubs and then you get a short leg to Quebec City. You might want to consider going to Montréal and then use a shuttle to Quebec City (2h30 trip) for about 110 C$ (roundtrip). The service is offered 5 times a day by Orléans Express from Montréal Pierre-Elliot-Trudeau International Airport to Quebec City downtown, just a few blocks from GSC office.

You might want to rent a car in Montréal and drive to Quebec City. The only problem is getting through Montréal traffic if you are unlucky enough to arrive during rush hour. The airport is at the west end on Montréal Island, and you must cross the whole city to head east.

There are 2 major highways to get to Quebec City

Autoroute 40, on the north shore of the St-Lawrence River.

When entering Quebec City, A40 will become A440 (Autoroute Charest). Just to confuse the issue, A40 does continue, but on a segment north of the city. Just follow A440 Est (East). The road will narrow gradually to become Boulevard Charest which will lead you downtown, just to the doorstep of one of the hotels.

Autoroute 20, on the south shore of the St-Lawrence River. This means you must cross either a bridge or a tunnel to get on the south shore and then go east to Quebec. You will arrive to Quebec by crossing the Pierre Laporte bridge through A73 Nord to cross the river back to the north shore. A few kilometres after the bridge, at the foot of a long hill, you can connect on A440 Est (Autoroute Charest). Just follow A440 Est (East). The road will narrow gradually to become Boulevard Charest which will lead you downtown, just to the doorstep of one of the hotels.

None of these are very scenic, just bland strips of asphalt. If you have some time, you could try Chemin du Roy (King’s road), on the north shore which follows the first road built during the french regime . It goes through a series small charming villages along the St-Lawrence river


There are many hotels within walking distance of the office and Quebec is relatively affordable (expect around 100-120C$ per night).

Hotel Pur (http://www.hotelpur.com). “Seductively stylish and sleek, » as they advertise. Rooms are black and white with minimalist design.

Best Western, just across the street (http://www.hotelquebec.com/)

Royal William (http://www.royalwilliam.com/) There is hardly a closest place to the office. 1 block away.

Royal Palace (http://www.hotelsjaro.com/index-en.aspx) Bit further, but still walking distance (you must go up and down the hill)


Confirmed Attendees

Note Some attendees will attend partially through Skype (or other VoIP technology TBD). Because of the bandwidth limits, we can only accept a very limited number of remote participants ( < 5).

  • EricBoisvert - confirmed attendance 21-25 Sept.
  • Heryk Julien - confirmed attendance 21-25 Sept.
  • JoelBandibas - tentative attendance 21-25 Sept.
  • LarsStolen - confirmed attendance 21 - 25 sept (booked in Best Western hotel)
  • JohnLaxton - confirmed attendance 21-25 Sept (flying direct to Quebec)
  • TimDuffy - confirmed attendance 21-25 Sept (flying to Montreal-Dorval - booked in Best Western hotel)
  • OliverRaymond - confirmed attendance 21-25 Sept (booked in Best Western hotel)
  • DalePercival - can finally offer some real commitment, if you gentlemen agree(?)
  • BruceSimons - confirmed attendance 21-25 Sept (booked in Best Western hotel)
  • AlistairRitchie - confirmed attendance 21-25 Sept (booked in Best Western hotel)
  • JeanJacquesSerrano - confirmed attendance 21-25 Sept.
  • DominiqueJanjou- confirmed attendance 21-25 Sept.
  • Agnes Tellez-Arenas - confirmed attendance 21-25 Sept.
  • JouniVuollo - confirmed attendance 21-25 Sept. (booked in Hotel Pur)
  • CarloCipolloni - confirmed attendance 21-25 Sept. (booked in Best Western hotel)
  • SteveRichard - confirmed attendance 21-25 Sept. (booked in Hotel Pur)
  • Fernando Pérez Cerdán - confirmed attendance 21-25 Sept.
  • Simon Pen (TNO) - confirmed attendance 21-23 Sept.
  • Petr Coupek (CGS) - confirmed attendance 21-25 Sept.
  • KristineAsch - confirmed attendance 21-23 Sept.
  • François Létourneau (INRS) - confirmed attendance 21-22 Sept.
  • phone SimonCox - confirmed each morning through Skype
  • phone MarcusSen - confirmed each morning through Skype
  • phone RyanClark - sporadically through Skype
  • Satish Sankaran (ESRI - Redland, USA) - confirmed attendance 25 Sept.
  • phone Carlos Gabriel Asato SEGEMAR (Argentina) - confirmed through Skype 25 Sept pm (OneGeology only)
  • phone Leonardo Araujo Brazilian Geological Survey (Brazil) - confirmed through Skype 25 Sept pm (OneGeology only)

Acessing the building

  • Meeting will start at 8h30 in room 2414 on second floor.
  • A badge will be waiting for you at the front desk.
  • Front desk opens at 8h00
  • You will need to sign in and out and return your badge at the end of each day.

* Group picture:

From left to right: EricBoisvert, CarloCipollon, SteveRichard, BruceSimons, Agnes Tellez-Arenas, AlistairRitchie, LarsStolen, JoelBandibas, Simon Pen , OliverRaymond, JeanJacquesSerrano ,Main.TimDuffy, DominiqueJanjou, Petr Coupek, JohnLaxton, Fernando Pérez Cerdán

Outline agenda (provisional)

This is the first outline agenda. I am assuming at present that we will have no parallel sessions but as the agendas for individual topics are filled in this may need to be revised. I have indicated those responsible for each session, so could they provide detailed agenda. I think these need to be available by the end of August at the latest.

Monday (am) - Use Cases - LarsStolen - Quebec2009UseCasesAgenda

Monday (pm) - Concept Definitions - SteveRichard - Quebec2009ConceptDefinitionTaskGroupAgenda

Tuesday - Service Architecture (review) including OneGeologyEurope Architecture & Services implementation - JeanJacquesSerrano - Quebec2009ArchitectureTaskGroupAgenda

Wednesday - Data Model (Design) - OliverRaymond - Quebec2009ModelDesignTaskGroupAgenda

Thursday - Data Model (Design) - OliverRaymond - Quebec2009ModelDesignTaskGroupAgenda

Friday (am) - Outreach - LarsStolen - Quebec2009OutreachTaskGroupAgenda

Friday (am) - Testbed (preparation) - TimDuffy - Quebec2009TestbedTaskGroupAgenda

Friday (am) - Interoperability Working Group (Steering Group) Open Meeting - JohnLaxton - Quebec2009IWGAgenda

Friday (pm) - OneGeology (Global) technical meeting - JeanJacquesSerrano / TimDuffy - see draft agenda at http://www.onegeology.org/docs/technical/AGENDAfor5thOneGeologyTechnicalWorkingGroup.pdf PLEASE NOTE this meeting has been brought forward to start at 1p.m. Quebec time = 2p.m Brazil/Argentina time.

-- JohnLaxton - 2009-09-09

  • The data model discussion should include time to determine if we're going to deprecate GeologicVocabulary and adopt SKOS for vocabulary encoding; if so, how we want to use SKOS (any extensions like prototype as per Simon Cox's suggestion).
    • moving to a SKOS implementation does not imply any need to deprecate GeologicVocabulary - its just that we use a different implementing rule (UML-XML) from that used for other parts of GeoSciML.. AFAICT the model is fine, its just that we are proposing to implement it using a more appropriate technology. -- SimonCox - 2009-09-04
  • I suggest we need to do some serious work on service architecture; see items at https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/twiki/bin/view/CGIModel/ServiceArchitectureTG#Architecture_issues_to_be_addres. Add any other architecture issues you're aware of.
-- SteveRichard - 2009-08-08

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