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Rome 2010 face-to-face Meeting



The meeting is scheduled on August 30 2010 to 3 September 2010

Related meetings in Berlin


  • 23 Aug -- OneGeology-Global Management Meeting (by invitation only)

  • 24 Aug -- CGI Council Meeting (by invitation only, available GeoSciML participants may be asked to meet with CGI Council in the afternoon)

  • 25-26 Aug -- Science Language Workshop (open meeting)

  • 27 Aug -- GeoSciML workshop (open meeting)

Meeting location

  • ISPRA/Geological Survey of Italy Rome office and accommodation locations:

The meeting will be held in ISPRA Geological Survey of Italy offices that is located at Via Curtatone 3.

Getting to Roma city centre

Fiumicino Roma Airport (FCO) Leonardo da Vinci airport is main airport of Rome where arrive the most part of direct international flights. From the airport to the centre of the city you can get a Train that arrive in Termini central station close to the hotels and ISPRA office. The ticket is variable in according to the type of train you get.

Ciampino Roma Airport (CIA) Giovan Battista Pastine airport is the secondary airport of Rome here arrive mainly the low cost international flights. The connection service with Ciampino urban area is offered by CONTRAL Bus every 30 minutes and than you can take a light metro connection from Ciampino railway station to Termini central railway station with an average time of 15 minutes. The ticket for bus and metro is 1 .


There are many hotels we have selected several that we consider good within walking distance of the office and relatively closet o Rome centre; the average rate is (expect around 100-160 per night).

Hotel Royal Santina, just 50 meters from ISPRA office (phone: +3906448 751; http://www.hotelroyalsantinarome.com).

Hotel Massimo D'Azelio, very high standard at normal price I consider the best choise, I suggest! (phone: +39064870270; http://www.romehoteldazeglio.it);

Hotel Mondial, it’s a Best Western hotel (phone +3906472 861; http://www.mondialhotelrome.com)

Hotel Nord Nuova Roma; it’s the same owner of Massimo D’Azelio and I consider very good comparable to the category, I suggest! (phone: +39064885441; http://www.romehotelnord.it);

Hotel Camelia is located in older build and it’s close to the office (phone: +39064436 1380; http://www.hotelcameliarome.com)

Hotel Giolli is the cheaper solution just 1,2 km from the office but more close to historical monuments (phone; +3906488 2393; http://www.hotelgiolli.it);

Confirmed Attendees

  • CarloCipolloni - confirmed attendance 30 Aug. -3 Sept.
  • BruceSimons - confirmed attendance 30 Aug. - 3 Sept (at Hotel Massimo D'Azelio)
  • OliverRaymond - confirmed attendance 30 Aug. - 3 Sept (at Hotel Nord Nuova Roma)
  • JouniVuollo - confirmed attendance 30 Aug. - 3 Sept. (at Hotel Massimo D'Azelio)
  • JohnLaxton - confirmed attendance 30 Aug. - 3 Sept (at Hotel Massimo D'Azelio)
  • EricBoisvert begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting - confirmed attendance 30 Aug. - 3 Sept (at Hotel Massimo D'Azelio)
  • AlistairRitchie - confirmed attendance 30 Aug. - 3 Sept (at Hotel Massimo D'Azelio)
  • JeanJacquesSerrano - confirmed attendance 30 Aug. - 3 Sept
  • Stefan Bergman, SGU- confirmed attendance 1 Sept - 3 Sept (at Hotel Massimo D'Azelio)
  • LarsStolen - confirmed attendance 1 Sept - 3 Sept (at Hotel Massimo D'Azelio)
  • TimDuffy - confirmed attendance 30 Aug. - 3 Sept (at Hotel Nord Nuova Roma)
  • Niina Ahtonen, GTK - confirmed attendance 30 Aug. - 3 Sept. (at Hotel Massimo D'Azelio) -CANCELLED 27.8/J Vuollo
  • Daniel Cassard, BRGM - confirmed attendance 1 - 3 Sept.
  • GuillaumeDuclaux - confirmed attendance 30 Aug. - 2 Sept.
  • SteveRichard -- confirmed 30 Aug - 3 Sept. (at Hotel Massimo D'Azelio)
  • MarcoPantaloni - confirmed 30 Aug. - 3 Sept.

Outline agenda (provisional)


This is the first outline agenda. I am assuming at present that the main focus will be on the Testbed 4 and Science Language Workshop results, with changes to the model only those required to fix any issues identified by Testbed and to get it to release status. Those responsible for each session should provide a detailed agenda.

The meeting take place in Geological Survey of Italy ISPRA Building in Via Curtatone 3, the room is "Sala Fazzini" located in the 1st floor. To Access to the building is required to give or show your identification document and take a badge. The meeting start Monday morning at 9.00.

Monday (am) - Welcome, Introduction, Housekeeping - CarloCipolloni

  • Welcome from Geological Survey of Italy director' - Leonello Serva
Monday (am) - Berlin Meetings' outcomes

Monday (pm) - Testbed 4 status- AgnesTellezArenas, EricBoisvert
  • reports from each of the participants on progress and issues
    • report of 1G Europe
    • report of Snowflake implementation.
    • report of instance implementation and preparation of a list of issues for modelling group.
    • report on Schematron validation ( CaseStudyRome2010)
Tuesday am- Concept Definitions - SteveRichard (see RomeF2FConceptDefinitionsTGMeetingNotes)
  • Summary of current status of vocabularies
  • Issues arising from vocabulary workshop that impact GeoSciML applications
  • Governance of local vocabularies like European Orogeny vocabulary
  • Change URI scheme from URN to http URI
    • http URI syntax issues
    • Equivalence function /uri-cgi/ part only?
    • Use of document fragments
    • What is default representation for concepts (rdf/SKOS, html, other)?
    • how are particular representations identified
    • New vocabulary requirements for v3 documents
    • Value qualifiers * Vocabulary services. Auscope, BRGM, others?

Tuesday pm - Service Architecture - EricBoisvert, JeanJacquesSerrano (see RomeF2FServiceArchitectureTGMeetingNotes)

Wednesday - Service Architecture, continued - EricBoisvert, JeanJacquesSerrano (see RomeF2FServiceArchitectureTGMeetingNotes)

Thursday Data Model Design - OliverRaymond

Friday (am-pm) - JouniVuollo, BruceSimons (see RomeF2FEarthResourceMLMeetingNotes and EarthResourceML)

Friday (am) - Interoperability Working Group (Steering Group) Open Meeting - JohnLaxton - Rome2010IWGAgenda

Friday (pm) - OneGeology (Global) technical briefing - JeanJacquesSerrano / TimDuffy
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