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Rome F2F - EarthResourceML Meeting Notes

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Demonstration (BruceSimons)

  • Demonstration of AuScope portal and explanation of the ERML model, include potential extension points.

* Bruce_Simons_EarthResourceML_for_GTK.ppt: Background Presentation for EarthResourceML


  • Least developed aspect of the model is Mineral Systems - used to describe min occ genesis. Currently just a place-holder. Considerable argument of content of that component.
  • Additional input required. Identified potential contacts in GSC and USGS, but group is struggling to find the links it needs. EricBoisvert identified projects in Canada that could benefit from the model/services but is unlikely to be aware of this work.
  • Main use case for Australian community is supporting resource geologists. Commodity analysis and reserve/resource evaluation/definition.
  • Late last year ERML presented as a candidate exchange language for the INSPIRE Mineral Resources (Annex III) theme. Needed to be a true international standard - CGI agreed to take on governance of the model if this group was willing to maintain the model.

INSPIRE Mineral Resources (Annex III) data specification status (JouniVuollo)

* 1_J_Vuollo_3_9_2010_INSPIRE_Status.ppt: INSPIRE STATUS - EarthResourceML

  • Need to establish robust documentation. Have registered www.earthresourceml.com, .org and .net. Full Moon derived documenation at this site.
  • Domain and URI (eg resource. schema. etc) management processes will match those adopted by GeoSciML.

CGI Status

  • ERML governance proposed as a CGI responsibility. Agreed in principle. IWG is to liase with the Australian task-group to establish the technical and logistical details of the transfer can be understood and overcome.

EarthResourceML Issues

  • JeanJacquesSerrano: wants to ensure ERML vocabs are managed by the replacement of the CDTG. SR will establish how to work with ERML vocabs - prob a workgroup with CDTG II managing those specific vocabs. Australia will provide existing vocabs as draft vocabs (JV and DC) to circulate further to get the vocbs firmly established.
  • JohnLaxton: need an IWG sub-group to manage ERML.
  • BruceSimons: ERML currently GSML 2.0 based. Needs to be moved to GSML 3.0 and therefore GML 3.2. Additional changes to resolve problems identified by existing implementations.
    • Also need a portrayal schema, as per GeoSciML-TV. These must be consistent.
  • AlistairRitchie: Move ERML for xmml/GGIC in svn to its own svn repo at the same level as GSML/IWG concepts.
    • DECISION: move ERML to its own repository.
  • SteveRichard / AlistairRitchie: every information resource we publish should have a persistent location. Start using redirects from published locations to actual repositories/reosurces. (General rule CGI-IWG - not just for ERML.)
    • DECISION: set up persistant locations for version controlled artifacts that redirect to, currently, CSIRO svn. Eg version-control.geosciml.org.

EarthResourceML Model Changes:

Post Extraction Processing
  • DECISION: approved

Mineral System
  • Change from datatype to feature type. Allows instances of systems - say the Mt Isa mineral system - plus the can be classified with concepts that have MineralSystems defining them. Works like the GeologicUnit --classifier--> ControlledConcept --prototype--> GeologicUnit strat lexicon pattern in the GeoSciML model.
    • DECISION: approved

  • commodityName vocab needs to be a proper hrchl name.
  • SteveRichard / AlistairRitchie debated/proposed that the Commodity class name, and commodityName property name are unclear and imply a classifier when it is an instance of a commodity describing its presence in the context of a specific EarthResource.
    • Change Commodity class name to CommodityInstance
    • Change Commodity.commodityName prop name to CommodityInstance.commodity.
  • DECISION: apply the new GeoSciML model that all code lists and enumerations, with the exception of Purpose, will become controlled vocabularies.

EarthResourcesML Portrayal Classes
  • DECISION: requirement endorsed
  • DECISION: both GeoSciML and ERML Portrayal Models will be GML 3.1.1 application schema conforming to the GML 3.1.1. Simple Features Profile - Level 0 (06-049r1) and deliverable by WMS 1.1.1 and 1.1.3 Implementation Specification compliant WMSs.

FUTURE directions

  • Timing of work. To be completed by next IWG meeting but may need to be completed earlier subject to INSPIRE requirements.

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