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Meetings of Task Group Team (with highlights)

    • (Edinburgh November 2003)
      • ad-hoc meeting convened by BoyanBrodaric (GSC) and JohnLaxton (BGS), in response to growing interest in a standardized Geoscience Domain Model
      • Various precursor projects were presented, including NADM C1 and XMML, and the Multi-Lingual Thesaurus of Geology
      • KristineAsch briefed the group on the revival of the Commission for Geoscience Information
    • (Ottawa April 2004)
      • ad-hoc meeting between GSC, USGS and CSIRO
      • SimonCox briefed on the UML->XML encoding rule used by GML, and the NADM guys immediately recognized this as a deployment route
      • BoyanBrodaric and SimonCox planned the structure of the CGI Interoperability Working Group to manage GeoSciML development
    • (Florence September 2004)
      • 32nd IGC
      • TestBed1 presented by BGS and BRGM: the channel-tunnel story - syntactic interoperability, semantic chaos
      • CGI launch; Interoperability Working Group formed
    • PerthF2F2004: Summary of December 2004 meeting in Perth (BGS, USGS, GSC, GSJ, AzGS, GSV, GSWA, GSNSW, CSIRO)
      • The first official meeting of the GeoSciML Task Group (a task group of the Interoperability Working Group)
      • GS Victoria and Arizona GS became involved, both with a background in NADM
    • OttawaF2F2005: Summary of August 2005 meeting in Ottawa (BGS, USGS, GSC, AzGS, GSV, CSIRO)
      • Model maintenance moved to Enterprise Architect
      • First complete cut of GeoSciML (targetted to v1.0)
      • Development of CGI_Value scheme
      • BGS offered use of the name GeoSciML which they had been previously using for an annotation language
    • OrleansF2F2006: Summary of April 2006 meeting in Orleans (BGS, USGS, GSC, AzGS, GSV, CSIRO, BRGM, SGU, GA)
    • LiegeBrusselsF2F2006: Agenda for September 2006 meeting in Liege and Brussels (BGS, USGS, GSC, AzGS, GSV, CSIRO, BRGM, SGU, GA)
      • in Liege: Presented GeoSciML 1.1 at IAMG
      • in Brussels: Presented GeoSciML to IT managers from Geological surveys not already involved
    • TucsonF2F2007: Agenda for May 2007 Design Task Group meeting in Tucson (BGS, USGS, GSC, AzGS, GSV, CSIRO, BRGM, GA, GSJ)
      • First cut of v2
      • links to O&M
      • SVN version control introduced
    • MelbourneF2F2007: Task Group Meeting Notes 10 - 19 September 2007 (BGS, USGS, GSC, AzGS, GSV, CSIRO, BRGM, SGU, GA, APAT, GSJ)
      • More parallelization of the design work
      • Formal architecture discussions (finally)
    • OrleansF2F2008: Testbed 3 Task Group Meeting and Agenda 25 - 26 Feb 2008 (BGS, USGS, GSC, AzGS, GSV, CSIRO, BRGM, SGU, GA, APAT, GSJ)
    • UppsalaF2F2008: Task Group Meeting in Uppsala 31 july - 4 August 2008 (GSV, GSC, GA, BGS, SGU, APAT, BRGM, GSJ, CSIRO, AuScope, AzGS)
      • Preparation for Oslo IGC33 Workshop
    • QuebecF2F2009: Task Group Meeting in Quebec 21 - 25 September 2009 (BGS, GSC, AzGS, GSV, AuScope, BRGM, SGU, GA, APAT, GSJ, GTK, BGR, TNO, CGS, IGME)
    • RomeF2F2010: Task Group Meeting in Rome 30 August - 3 September 2010(APAT, GSV, GA, BGS, BRGM, AzGS, GTK, SGU, GSC)
      • Delays in releasing GeoSciML 3.0 RC1 meant Testbed 4 incomplete.
      • GeoSciML v3.0 RC2 prepared
      • EarthResourceML Design Task Group established
      • Testbed 4 commenced
    • EdinburghF2F2011: Task Group Meeting in Edinburgh 4 July - 8 July 2011
    • WellingtonF2F2012: Task Group Meeting in Wellington 13 August - 17 August 2012
    • RedlandsF2F2013: Inaugural CGI-OGC GeoSciML SWG meeting (part of the OGC TC meeting, 14-18 January 2013)
    • StPetersburgF2F2013: GeoSciML SWG, EarthResourceML task group, Geoscience Terminology working group, OneGeology meeting, June 2013
    • TucsonF2F2014: GeoSciML SWG, EarthResourceML task group, Geoscience Terminology working group, OneGeology meeting, June 2014

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