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APAC Geosciences Project Goals for 2006

Status Updated - -- RyanFraser - 03 Nov 2006


This page details the goals for the APAC Geosciences Project over 2006. We are aiming at completing and if not exceeding these goals.

The Goals

  1. ) Snark deployed onto at least 3 sites in Australia (iVEC, APAC-NF and VPAC)
  2. ) Snark service deployed onto the corresponding ng2 machines at these sites
  3. ) At least 4 sites federated as part of the Geosciences SRB Federation (CSIRO-ARRC, CSIRO-HPSC, APAC-NF and iVEC)
    • Possibly ACCESS and VPAC (at their discretion)
  4. ) Template codes for ws-rf services on the APAC grid
    • Produce generic ws-rf service code for job submission on the APAC grid and place in a publicly accessible svn repository to aid community development of new grid services
  5. ) "How to get Grid" guides for Geosciences
    • Publish notes on how to get grid on the SeeGrid twiki, document all the steps required to getting a service grid'ified and or using the grid
  6. ) Finley deployed onto iVEC and APAC-NF
  7. ) Finley service deployed and running at iVEC and APAC-NF
  8. ) Fast Flow deployed onto iVEC and CSIRO-HPSC
  9. ) Fast Flow service deployed and running at iVEC and CSIRO-HPSC
  10. )Fully documented workflow for grid usage o Document usage of all that has been produced on the SeeGrid twiki
  11. ) Registry service with client GUI for dataset registration and discovery
  12. ) Users - get Geoscience community users on board and using and embracing the Grid!

  • Nimrod base WS deployed to Grid
  • Integrated Nimrod WS into the pmd*CRC Desktop Modeling Toolkit both as a demonstration of how to use it and because it is needed

Progress toward Goals

GOAL No Goal Title Progress Comment
1 Snark Code Completed "Stable" release installed at all sites -iVEC, APAC-NF, VPAC
2 Snark Service * Completed Deployed to iVEC -will deploy service to APAC-NF & VPAC when demand requires it
3 SRB federation Completed SRB@ARRC, SRB@HPSC & SRB@iVEC done, SRB@APAC-NF in progress
4 Template Codes Completed available @ https://cgsrv1.arrc.csiro.au/subversion/apacgrid/trunk/ApacGT4Service/ , Docs @ https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/twiki/bin/view/Compsrvices/HowToGetGridForDevelopers
5 How To get Grid Completed Done, being edited - https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/twiki/bin/view/Compsrvices/HowToGetGridForDevelopers
6 Finley Code Completed Installed at both iVEC, Esscc (AcCess) and APAC-NF (when demand requires it)
7 Finley Service * Completed Deployed to iVEC and Esscc
8 Fast Flow Code Completed Installed at both iVEC and HPSC
9 Fast Flow Service * Completed Deployed to iVEC and HPSC
10 Workflow Completed  
11 Registry Service In Progress Service deployed on to local node, GUI developed and in user testing phase - developing deployment plan
12 Users Continuous Increase user base - in progress, several on board as at 3/7/06
  Resource Scheduling Service - Gridway Scheduler In Progress  
  Grid Information Provider In Progress MDS deployment on the grid

* Please see below "Service Deployment Status" table for more indepth details

Service Deployment Status

TBA - TO be Advised (Service not installed because of unresolved licence issues, user quota etc) NA - Not Applicable (Service/code does not work on architecture or licence does not allow)

Services ng2@iVEC ng2@VPAC ng2@HPSC ng2@ANU ng2@esscc
Snark service Installed (latest svn) TBA NA TBA NA
Finley service Installed (latest svn) NA NA TBA Installed (r390)
Fastflo service Installed (latest svn) NA Installed (r340) NA NA

User Perspective

Service/Codes available via the Grid

Service Location(s) Comment
Fast Flo (pmd*RT) iVEC, HPSC Available - via Grid through service code
eScript/Finley iVEC, APAC-NF, esscc Available - via Grid through service code
SNARK/Underworld iVEC, VPAC, APAC-NF Available - via Grid through service code
Calculix/Abaqus iVEC Available
Citcoms iVEC, ac3 iVEC Available, ac3 In Development
Fast Flo with Reactive Transport Condor Pool @ ARRC Available via DMT (pmd*CRC)

If you DO NOT see a piece of code that you would like to use listed here, please just contact us.

Data Storage:
Service Location Comment
SRB CSIRO-ARRC Bugfoot Resource, 2Tb, temporary data, data is automated back ups to CSIRO-HPSC SRB
SRB CSIRO-HPSC Cherax Resource, 1.2 Pb, Permenant data store, data is backed up to tape
SRB iVEC Cognac, 2Tb, temporary data store
Gridftp iVEC Cognac, available in "Store"

User Matrix - Status of our users

Y - Yes I - User has expressed Interested S - Setting Up User R - User Running D - Service in Development

UserID APAC Cert FastFlowService FinleyService (eScript) Snark/Underworld Service pmd*RT (Condor Pool) StorageResourceBroker Service CitcomS Abaqus/Calculix iVEC HPSC APAC
che190 Y R     R R     Y Y  
cle101 Y R     I I     Y Y  
den135 Y         R     Y    
elm019         I            
fra283 Y R R R   R     Y Y Y
ger063 Y               Y    
ges004 Y                    
hob034   I                  
hor178           R          
ord005 Y R       I     Y    
pat222 Y S             Y    
pot065           R     Y Y  
pou035 Y R       R     Y Y  
reg025 Y         S   I + D Y   Y
sch396 Y                    
she341 Y R       I     Y    
woo409 Y   R           Y Y Y
Stuart Clark Y           I + D        

For Montly reports, status' and test reports, please see: ApacProjectJournal and ApacGeosciencesGridTestingPage


-- RyanFraser - 02 Mar 2006
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