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APAC Grid Geosciences Project Roadshow 2007


The APAC Grid Geosciences Roadshow will be a 2-day workshop to educate scientists and users in the geosciences community on grid-enabling their science.
You will learn how the grid can aid you in your research and provide you with useful tools on accessing the miriad of computational and data resources on offer

The Roadshow will be in the following cities on the following dates:

  • Perth: 18th - 19th April 2007 @ ARRC, Technology Park, Bentley W.A
  • Melbourne: 31th May – 1st June 2007 @ VPAC, Melbourne
  • Brisbane: 5th - 6rd June 2007 @ ESSCC, University of QLD
  • Canberra: 27th – 28th June 2007 @ Geoscience Australia, ACT

To participate please contact:
Ryan Fraser: +61 8 6436 8760 ryan.fraser@csiro.au
Robert Woodcock +61 8 6436 8780 robert.woodcock@csiro.au

In collaboration with:

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Download the flyer and agenda

Workshop Presentations


Download the agenda

APAC Grid Geosciences Project Roadshow Workshops 2007

Workshop Agenda
APAC Grid Geosciences Project Roadshow Workshops 2007

Workshop Agenda

What will this Roadshow be about?
-   The APAC Grid Geosciences Project and grid-enabling the Geosciences community
-   What the Grid provides to users
-   How to get access to the grid and its myriad of resources

What will participants get out of it?
-   Information and an appreciation for the grid and what it can provide
-   An APAC Grid certificate
-   Information on how to get started on the grid
-   Information about the tools available and where to get them
-   Learn how to run their 1st useful grid job

Day 1: Theory Day

9.30 Session 1: Introduction and welcome to the Workshop - Robert Woodcock
- What will be covered by this 2 day workshop?
- Introduction to the key players and contributors on the project

10:00 Session 2: The APAC Grid Geosciences Project - Robert Woodcock
-   Background
-   What is the grid?
-   What is the APAC Grid Geosciences project
-   What was the purpose for this project
-   What can it do for you?

10:30 Morning Tea

11:00 Session 3: The Geosciences Community and HPC
Guest Speaker: Klaus Regenauer-Lieb (WA), Louis Moresi (VIC), Lutz Gross (QLD)
-   Guest speaker (state host speaker) highlight the identified need for HPC and large data storage and hence the grid
-   Provide examples of the need for this service 
-   Provide examples of use of HPC resources
-   This will include opportunities for participants to ask questions about how, what and why they would use HPC resources and what caused you to use them

12:00 Lunch

13:30 Session 4: The Grid and its benefits -  Ryan Fraser
-   Architecture and purpose of the grid
-   Why it has been established
-   Benefits to you the user!

13:30 Session 5: Codes and services available via the grid & -  Ryan Fraser
-   list and describe the various codes and services available via the grid
-   discussions about each codes ability and what they can be used for

14:15 Afternoon Tea

14:30 Session 6: How to get Grid - Ryan Fraser
-   issue certificates to participants
-   detail how to install user certificates and get started using them
-   Basic toolkit

Day 2: Practical day

9:30 Introduction to the day's agenda and review yesterdays topics

10:00 Session 7: Codes and Services on the grid and how to use them (part a)
-   example code usage
-   tools and how to install, configure and use them
-   Fast Flow, Underworld, eScript etc..

11:00 Morning Tea

11:30 Session 8: Codes and Services on the grid and how to use them (part b)

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Session 9: Data Storage on the grid and How to use it!
   - gridftp and SRB
   - get access now!

14:15 Afternoon Tea

14:30 Participant Q&A session
   - Opportunity to identify issues you have

15:30 Session 10: Summary and recap workshop material
-   document any requests for follow up
-   feedback

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