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APAC Grid Toolkit for Geoscience Users

Cross-platform job submission tool

Generic Grid Gui

!!!!NEW!!!! Generic grid client which can be used to submit to ANY code at ANY site - GenericGridGUI


Grid Access

Get grid access using either Globus java ws-core OR preferrably; APAC's Grix software

Grid Tools .NET

Please use the following toolkit: http://www.cs.virginia.edu/~gsw2c/GridToolsDir/GridTools.htm
Download: http://www.cs.virginia.edu/~gsw2c/GridToolsDir/GRAMSetup1.0.5.msi

Install your certificates as per the instructed on the above Grid Tools pages http://www.cs.virginia.edu/~gsw2c/GridToolsDir/Documentation/ImportUserCertificate.htm AND http://www.cs.virginia.edu/~gsw2c/GridToolsDir/Documentation/ImportTrustedCertificates.htm
APAC's CA certificate: * cacert.crt

This package has a gui and commandline Gridftp client. Use the commandline GramClient.exe to run jobs

Globus Java ws-core

Alternatively you may use the Globus Java ws core, but we recommend the above toolkit

The Gridftp commandline client in this package globus-url-copy, is a "single file at a time" command line copy tool, which works with globus based proxies.


For SRB, please use either Scommands (recommended) or inQ. Please see StorageResourceBrokerUsage for info


Grid Access

Get grid access using either Globus java ws-core OR preferrably; APAC's Grix software

Globus Toolkit Clients

Install your certificates
  1. Install your APAC grid certificates in: (LINUX) $HOME/.globus/usercert.pem and userkey.pem
  2. Install the APAC's CA cert and signing policy into (LINUX) $HOME/.globus/certificates, (WINDOWS) %HOMEPATH%/.globus/certificates ( 1e12d831.0 & 1e12d831.signing_policy)

  1. untar the package
  2. "cd" into the directory created
  3. run "./configure"
  4. run "make wsc"
  5. You should be setup!

Once again, as an alternative you may use Globus java ws core, but the c version is recommended. It is a single command line copy tool with many features (C version), which works with globus based proxies.

Globus Java ws-core

Globus, it has a java version ws-core and a C version. The C version does much more and is a lot faster.


An alternative gridftp clien on linux is UberFTP, an interactive, GridFTP-enabled ftp client. It supports GSI authentication, parallel data channels and third party transfers. This tool is widely used and is well maintained.


For SRB, please use either Scommands for Linux. Please see StorageResourceBrokerUsageSRB for info

If you require assistance installing the software please contact: ryan.fraser@csiro.au OR terry.rankin@csiro.au
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