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Grid Technology for Geosciences (APAC) Project Journal

APAC Geosciences Project Monthly Reports

Please note that as of the 2006 we will be producing Monthly Project reports instead of journal entries

Template for monthly reports:


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Archive Journal

20 May 2005
  • Install and fully configured APAC Grid Trial machines for testing our portal developments
  • Customisation of Job submission portal to run Siesmic Simulator code has commenced

19 May 2005
[base] name=Fedora Core $releasever - $basearch - Base baseurl=http://mirror.pacific.net.au/linux/redhat/fedora/3/i386/os/ enabled=1 gpgcheck=1

16 May 2005
  • Fedora core machines under vmware require specific alterations to the vmware tools install file
  • Use the slack method shown in here
-- TerryRankine - 16 May 2005

09 May 2005
  • Adding Designs to APAC Resource and Service Registry and Data Archive search service

3rd May 2005
  • Project Plan for May 2005 iteration publish at: May2005
  • APAC Grid project leaders informed of usage of ebXML plans for resource and service registry and archive search service

27st April 2005
  • Completion of evaluation of technology for Registry services and Data Archive, ebXML vs UDDI, MDS, WS-RF, LDAP - RyansIntroToEbXML
  • EarthByte requirements added
  • Snark service requirements added

21st April 2005
  • Further Requirements have been added to Registry Services and Data Archive
  • introduction to ebXML page - RyansIntroToEbXML
  • installation instruction for ebXMLrr - EbXMLrrInstallationNotes
  • completion of comparison of CLRC Metadata model to ebRIM
  • working on comparison of ebRS to wsrf

15th April 2005
  • Requirements have been added the the APAC Geosciences Page - Job Management, Registry Services, Data Archive
  • ebXMLrr successfully installed and configured on apacsrv8.arrc.csiro.au
  • appraisal of available registry services

11th April 2005

- Update Technical Viewpoint
- Updates made to Project Requirements
- Project Plan Development for the first iteration of Project, will focus on the development of Registries and Data search portals

-- RyanFraser - 11 Apr 2005

8th April 2005

- High level Requirements have been updated
- Please note that the requirements will continue to be added to as they are realised

-- RyanFraser - 08 Apr 2005

20th March 2005 - Apacsrv3 has SRB3.3 (w/ ENCRYPT1) installed and ready to be federated with CSIRO HPSC, the machine is configured for access by CSIRO-trusted sites

-- RyanFraser - 20 Mar 2005

11th March 2005

- APAC Geosciences Project Requirements page created: ApacProjectRequirements - Notes from the APAC Geosciences workshop are available at: APACGeoScienceJADWorkshop2ndAnd3rdMarch2005

Ryan Fraser

10th March 2005

Final configuration and setup of the APAC servers:
- apacsrv1 - test machine
- apacsrv2 - test machine
- apacsrv3 - test machine
- apacsrv4 - test machine
- apacsrv5 - test machine
- apacsrv6 - test machine
- apacsrv7 - APAC Production Grid Configuration - GT4 (Globus 3.9.5 CVS) installed
- apacsrv8 - APAC Trial Grid Configuration - VDT1.2.3 (Globus 2.4) installed

-- RyanFraser - 10 Mar 2005

4th March 2005

Successful build of Globus 3.9.5 on Debian 3.0 -- RyanFraser - 04 Mar 2005

23 Feb

I have joined the SRB-Chat@sdsc.edu mailing list
  • The SRB-Chat Central, is the informal SRB user/developer technical discussion list.
So i have posted a question and am now waiting for a response on "HOWTO" setup a federated SRB.

No information could be found on via Google as seen here

The notes present from SRB on federated catalogs are more of why you want to do it not how. Also the README.zones file is not quite what we are after.

-- TerryRankine - 23 Feb 2005

15th Feb

Installation of Globus 3.9.4 CVS-2005/02/15
  • 200Mb checkout
  • Build failed
-- TerryRankine - 15 Feb 2005

15th Feb
  • Successful Installation and Compilation of the CLRC Dataportal on Windows XP

-- RyanFraser - 15 Feb 2005

14th Feb
  • A second test of globus 3.9.4 on Debian 3.0.1
  • gt3.9.4-all-source-installer
Generating output for: http://wsrf.globus.org/core/notification/service#SubscriptionManagerService Writing: SubscriptionManagerService.h

ERROR: parser failed

make[1]: * [notif_SubscriptionManagerGTWSDLResourcePropertiesType.h] Error 1

make[1]: Leaving directory `/root/gt3.9.4-all-source-installer/source-trees/wsrf/c/core/source'

-- TerryRankine - 15 Feb 2005

11th Feb
  • SRB3.2.1
  • SRB installed on apacsrv3 (user(unix) srbadmin)
    • files under /usr/local/srb
  • Install ran without fault using their install scrips - install.pl
  • Postgres catalouge installed.
  • SRB tested with inQ 3.1 and 3.2 from MS windows machines
  • mySRB web interface installed.
    • Calling the script from apache(web) or from terminal gives "error -2"
    • the file it said to edit is wrong.... you have to edit sampe_main.c
    • Posted question back to company

-- TerryRankine - 15 Feb 2005

4 February 2005.

Update on Data Portal Installation

apacsrv2 (internal) has had the following installed:
  • debian stable
  • java-1.4.2r06
  • ant-1.6.2
  • tomcat-5.5.4
  • MyProxy Server-1.14
  • CLRC Dataportal v3.6

Current Status - the above has all been installed and configured, however certificates can be generated and added to the myproxy server on the machine however they will not do the same through a web browser - this is where we are currently at. After discovering that some parts of the CLRC package were missing and through much converstation with the CLRC group, there are still some problems that exist with it. Once I've compiled a list of what I believe are the reasons along with various log files, I will post them here! Thanks

-- RyanFraser - 04 Feb 2005

31 Jan 2005.
apacsrv3.arrc.csiro.au (INTERNAL)
  • VDT 1.2.2 installed.
  • Certificates generated.
  • CLRC portal not interfacing any
    • Currently not doing anything - We can give it fake hostname and it still tells my my username/password is invalid.
    • Problem logged with CLRC

-- TerryRankine - 15 Feb 2005

13 Jan 2005.

Testing Machine for GridSphere and Globus is running.

Server is running
  • debian stable
  • java-1.4.2r06
  • ant-1.6.2
  • tomcat-5.5.4
  • gridsphere-cvs-current (12/01/2005)
  • globus tool kit 3.2

http://apacsrv8.arrc.csiro.au:8080/gridsphere (INTERNAL)
Please talk to RyanFraser for project queries, and TerryRankine for details relating to its setup.
Setup is also documented on mantis.
https://cgsrv1.arrc.csiro.au/mantis/view.php?id=210 (Private)

-- TerryRankine - 13 Jan 2005

4th of January 2005 Appointment of Ryan Fraser as a SE on the APAC Grid Project

-- RyanFraser - 13 Jan 2005

This project journal is for the benefit of sponsors and other interested parties to the Grid Technology for Geosciences (APAC) project. The project is being carried out as part of the SEE Grid Community as there are many components, particularly the WFS implementation work, that will benefit other members of SEE Grid outside of the project stakeholders.
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