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Apac Project Iterations

Microsoft Project, MANTIS and Twiki

The following are the guidelines for using Microsoft Project, MANTIS and the Twiki in the Computational Geosciences Group

  • Microsoft Project (MP) will be used essentially for programming iterations and detailing their schedule. This plan will include major sub-tasks and their expected duration. High-level planing and will be static for the iteration
    • Tasks (where applicable) should have Cross-links to MANTIS entries
    • Used to plan and set High-level tasks for the iteration, if the plan extents several iterations; set actives tasks (with dates) and ignore others (please see the following example)

  • MANTIS will be used to flesh out the various tasks that make up those iteration detailed in Project. MANTIS must include effort logging/tracking using the ETA field.
    • MANTIS tasks must be cross-linked to Project's parent (iteration) task(s)
    • Break down MP tasks
    • publish any notable findings from tasks on relevant twiki pages

  • TWIKI will be used to publish the strategic plan/iteration - Risks, stakeholders, outcomes etc should be detailed here - include dates, analysis and other relevant details

- Please refer to the APAC Geosciences Grid Project for guidance
- Please note that these guidelines are not finalised

Implementing Notes: - If you receive the following error: "A security problem has occurred": you must open Internet Explorer and install the certicate for the MANTIS pages into it. This should correct the problem and enable you to open MANTIS pages from Project's links.

-- RyanFraser - 11 Apr 2005

Project Plans

The following are links to the various iterations for the APAC Geosciences Grid Project:

-- RyanFraser - 26 Apr 2005
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