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Basic Usage of Globus

To start and stop the Globus Container

As the globus user "globus" obtain a proxy certificate from the container by going: grid-proxy-init -cert /etc/grid-security/containercert.pem -key /etc/grid-security/containerkey.pem

To start the container: globus-start-container

To stop the container: globus-stop-container

To run a simple job

Using the Globus Toolkit 4 Clients

As a user (with certificates)
Get a proxy certificate: grid-proxy-init

Then run a job: globusrun-ws -s -F localhost -submit -job-command /bin/hostname

To run a useful job that stages in files etc....

globusrun-ws -s -F localhost -submit -f test.xml

(Note you may need to delegate your credentials before hand if so:

globus-credential-delegate -h delegationOutputFile


globusrun-ws -s -F localhost -Jf delegationOutputFile -Sf delegationOutputFile -Tf delegationOutputFile -submit -f test.xml

where test.xml looks like:


    <!-- full path on cognac - cant work out how to make "modules add " work. -->

    <!-- MUST BE IN your group shared dir - NO access via staging to home dirs. -->

    <!-- all file names need full path - cos mpirun does weird junk -->


    <!-- NOT optinal, ask darren for your project or log into cognac and you should be prompted for it -->

    <!--optional -->

<!--specify queue type-->
    <maxWallTime>integer - minutes</maxWallTime>
    <maxMemory>integer- how many Mbs</maxMemory>

    <!-- file staging bit here -->


    <!-- NOT optinal, for staging to work - delegation must be apssed on -->



To run more complex jobs: http://www.globus.org/toolkit/docs/4.0/execution/wsgram/user-index.html

To gridftp files

Simple use case
To get files: globus-url-copy -vb gsiftp://remote.machine.my.edu/tmp/bar file:///tmp/foo

To put files: globus-url-copy -vb file:///tmp/foo gsiftp://remote.machine.my.edu/tmp/bar

More information can be found at: http://www.globus.org/toolkit/docs/4.0/data/gridftp/user-index.html -- RyanFraser - 20 Dec 2005
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