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Apac Geoscience Grid Project

May 2005 Iteration

Please see ApacProjectJournal for updates and progress on this iteration of the APAC Project

Iteration Overview

This iteration will be establish the service infrastructure for the Archive Search Portal and Service and Resource Registry service. June 2005 iteration will be used to further develop these services

Problem Definition

Design and implement a gridsphere portal for:
  • data archive service
  • service and resource registry service

Key Objectives

The key objectives of this project are:

  • Satisfy APAC Geosciences Requirements Data Search and service Registry (provide links to requirements)
  • Develop a module with a known web services interface that can be used to publish and discover resources and services on the APAC grid
    • Used to publish and discover data archives
    • User to publish and discover grid services and resources

TARGET complete development and testing of service and resource registry and data search service by end of May 2005 with demonstration portal coded in gridsphere

There is also a requirement in this iteration to simply doing what it takes to get a job running via Gridsphere on a local node!

Project Scope

This iteration will be concerned with:
  1. the analysis and comparison of available registry models (including UDDI, ebXML, MDS(4)) to identify which will suit our needs
  2. design and implementation of a data archive search service based on which registry model identified in (1) proves to be the most suitable for our purpose
  3. design and implementation of a service and resource registry service based on which registry model identified in (1) proves to be the most suitable for our purpose

Key Features

Please see the requirements specifications on this twiki site: ApacProjectRequirements

Out of Scope Key Features

The Project will not deliver the following:
  • the iteration will not develop customised portals for various workflows, only a generic portal that can later be customised by various groups


The key stakeholders have been identified as:
Name Role
RobertWoodcock Software Development Manager, Project Lead
RyanFraser Project Designer, Developer
Luke Brown (ANU) Developer, APACInfrastructure Services
Scott McNab Developer
APAC Geoscience Project Team Feedback and requirements
APAC Grid Technical Community Feedback and input

Project Plan

-- RyanFraser - 26 Apr 2005

  • May2005.jpg:

Risk Assessment

RW to complete

Major Assumptions

It is assumed that:
  • APAC Grid will endorse the chosen Registry Technology

Major Constraints

The project is constrained by:

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