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GPGIM 1.6 Features


Why 1.6?

GPlates and the GPGIM prefer to aim for an iterative development cycle, releasing new functionality as early as possible. Version 1.6 of the GPGIM is the latest iteration, and all new development work will go into the 1.6 branch. Version 1.6 has been developed alongside version 0.9 of GPlates. It is anticipated that another major release of the GPGIM will be made to coincide with the release of GPlates version 1.0.

Improvements over 1.5

As well as all the developments made in version 1.5, 1.6 introduces additional features and functionality. At the moment, this includes:

First steps towards Topological Plate Boundaries

Some of the structural types and feature definitions necessary for topological closed plate boundaries.

Update to contour geometry types

Contours and Extents are now handled as another geometry type, allowing more flexibility in their application. Several additional features which can benefit from contour geometries have been added.

It is expected that these contour-valued features will also gain gridded data geometries in an future release.


A structural type dedicated to representing the identifiers associated with magnetic anomaly picks and chrons.

Additional backwards-compatiblity

More mappings have been defined to ensure that data in the older PLATES4 line format can be imported seamlessly into GPML.

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