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Prototype Results

A test WFS based on the latest version of Geoserver is in place internally in GA and we can now start to try and rebuild GA's Place Name application using the WFS.

The prototype WFS meets the first set of UseCases requirements, with the exception of a couple of additional fields that need to be returned.

It is worth thinking of the WFS requests as calls to an API, similar to what is made from one software application to another (for example from a mapping application to a spatial database). But in the case of WFS the request can be made over the internet (as opposed to just a network) and can be made between any application or languague that can use http protocol and deal with XML (which is almost all languagues that applications are based on, and some applications have XML tools built in natively).

A simple search by locality name on GA's Place Names site looks like this:


The equivalent WFS call in XML/GML is

Second wfs request

The results of the serach by locality name in the Place Names app is:


and the equivalent result in XML/GML returned from the WFS is:

Result from request 2

  • A more specific search that includes name, locality and state on the Place Names app looks like

    search 1

  • and looks like this as a WFS XML/GML request:

    Generic place names query

  • It returns this in the Place Names application

    result 1

  • and the equivalent WFS reponse is

    Query result 1

  • To get the details of any of the specific localities is a query by ID, (in the Place Names app clicking on the hyperlink of the place of interest)


  • which looks like this as a WFS XML/GML query:

    wfs query 3

  • The returned result in the Place Names app has all the locations details and looks like this:

    search 2

  • The equvalent WFS response (even though it doesn't have all the fields yet) is
    wfs query 3 result

-- StuartGirvan - 10 May 2006
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