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National Place Names Gazetteer Services

This is a web-based collaboration area for collaborating to establish a harmonised set of web services for the national place names gazeteer.



A meeting was held at Geoscience Australia on 1/11/2005 to discuss the provision of web services for the national gazetteer, following the CGNA (Committee for Geographical Names in Australasia, a subcomttiee of the Intergovernmental Committee on Surverying and Mapping) meeting in October. The current national gazeteer of Place Names is collated on an annual basis from the Place Names gazetteers of all states and territories. The data is submitted to GA in November and is released around March of the following year. The collation excercise is a slow and painstaking task, and it has long been recognised that if a harmonised approach could be taken to producing Place Names data then the collation excercise itself could be made more simple and eventually removed.

This project aims to establish a prototype set of web services using common data models accross several jurisdictions to demonstrate:

1) Ability to share data seamlessly across jurisdictions

2) Access to the latest up to date versions of gazetteer data in real time

3) Ability to query and rerieve only the Place Names of interest (as opposed to the entire gazetteer)

The immediate use cases for the project are limited to demonstrating a technical implementation of the services being used by a single application (see UseCases). However it is envisaged that the sevices developed will eventually be re-used accross a number of applications, well beyond the initial use cases.


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The organisations ivolved in the initial stages of the collaboration are -

  • NT Department of Planning and Infrastructure,
  • Australian Antarctic Division
  • Department of Lands NSW and
  • Geoscience Australia

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