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Geothermal Databases (TIG8) working group


The geothermal industry in Australia is an emerging industry. There are approximately 50 projects running nationwide, many of which are at exploration stage and several at Proof-of-Concept. As such there has been increasing collection by companies of new thermal conductivity and down-hole temperature data, and heat flow interpretations. In addition to this, research organisations (e.g., Geoscience Australia, Geoscience Victoria, Geological Survey of Queensland, CSIRO and the University of WA as part of the WA Geothermal Centre of Excellence) are working to improve the distribution of geothermal data across the country by undertaking heat flow data collection programmes. With the collection of all this new geothermal data, several issues are emerging:

  • There is a need for data standards to be defined for reporting of geothermal data (e.g. heat flow)
  • There is a need for a facility to store new geothermal data (in particular, temperature logs, thermal conductivity data and heat flow interpretations) in a format that it can be easily searched and accessed by researchers/companies
  • With the increased company exploration in different states, there is as yet no consensus on which data should be collected by state and federal surveys and how it should be stored.
The GeothermalData web is designed to facilitate discussion and information sharing amongst the group (and elsewhere) to start to address these issues.




* PressureDB developed by CSIRO has recently been expanded to include thermal conductivity and heat flow data: http://www.pressureplot.com/

A mapping of the PressureDB schema to the GeoSciML Borehole and Observation & Measurement standards has been carried out by GuillaumeDuclaux and BruceSimons

* Borehole_Mapping_Template_PressurePlot.xlsx: Excel spreadsheet template for mapping between PressureDB and GeoSciML and O&M)

An example response from the GeoSciML Borehole Web Feature Service (providing Borehole header and location details) http://services-test.auscope.org/pressuredb/wfs?request=getFeature&typeName=gsml:Borehole&srsName=epsg:4283.

An example response from the Observation & Measurement Web Feature Service (providing downhole temperature, thermal conductivity, heat flow properties) is in development.

-- BruceSimons - 2010-09-10

US National Geothermal Data System (NGDS)

The NGDS is a DOE funded distributed network of databases and data sites that collectively form a system for the acquisition, management and maintenance of geothermal and related data. A white paper was put out last year and can be downloaded from the website http://www.geothermaldata.org/

The NGDS has also put together a list of geothermal data categories - DataCategoriesCompilation2010-10-22.xlsx

GeothermalData Web Utilities

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