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PIRSA Basic WFS - Geochemistry

PIRSA has set up an initial basic WFS.

Initially a separate database has been set up on an external server with an exported, denormalized set of data. This will allow progress to occur while internal issues associated with the technologies are resolved

This WFS is using out of the box GeoServer 1.2.0-rc2 using Postgres/PostGIS data store.


Currently this WFS is aimed at the Observation viewpoint of GeoChemistry data

GeoServer is currently restricted to returning a maximum of 1000 features, the data store has 52554 features loaded representing a subset of total PIRSA data.

The first 1000 features can be seen here


Source schema (PostGIS table)
create table geochem
  sample_no numeric(7),
  sample_source_code varchar(10),
  sample_source_desc varchar(60),
  sample_depth_from  numeric(7,2),
  sample_depth_to  numeric(7,2),
  collector_sample_id varchar(15),
  drillhole_no numeric(7),
  dh_name varchar(41),
  collected_by varchar(32),
  collected_date timestamp,
  laboratory_code varchar(10),
  laboratory_name varchar(60),
  chem_code varchar(15),
  chem_value numeric(17,6),
  chem_value_range varchar(1),
  chem_unit_code varchar(15),
  mnemonic varchar(10),
  chem_method_desc varchar(255)

-- TerryHannant - 02 Aug 2004
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