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As part of the SEEGrid Roadshow 2005, Fractal Technologies added a WFS Importer to their FracSIS visualisation product.

They added this in time for our first show in Perth, 31 May and we demonstrated it around Australia as an example of SME taking WFS seriously. Whilst demonstrating, we discussed how using XMML for data transformation drastically reduces the workload on companies like Fractal, saving the time to support other file formats.

How the Importer Works

As shown below, the user can enter a bounding box and search parameters to constrain the data retrieved.

The importer does a live query to the WFS, the same as other clients we demonstrated, then imports those points to form a data set that can be included as a layer on a scene.

Depending on the feature type retrieved, if there is an inherent value per point (eg: the amount of Copper), the FracSIS tools allow for colour and shape size to be mapped to the value, providing a clearer indication of high value points.


The following screenshots were taken during one of the demonstrations, click on the images to see them at full size.

Import dialog showing WFS parameters


Imported points for Musgraves Region


Closer look showing point colour and size changes according to value

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