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Importing GeoNetwork records


This page is for archiving purposes. These methods didn't work, but may come in handy to know about them in the future.

Migrating between versions supporting export and import of data in the MEF format

  • The GeoNetwork opensource manual V 2.2 (get it from the GN website) states in chapter 17. Metadata Exchange Format v1.1:

The metadata exchange format (MEF in short) is a special designed file format whose purpose is to allow metadata exchange between different platforms. A metadata exported into this format can be imported by any platform which is able to understand it. This format has been developed with GeoNetwork in mind so the information it contains is mainly related to it. Nevertheless, it can be used as an interoperability format between any platform.

This format has been designed with these needs in mind:

1. Export a metadata record for backup purposes

2. Import a metadata record from a previous backup

3. Import a metadata record from a different GeoNetwork version to allow a smooth migration from one version to another.

All these operations regard the metadata and its related data as well.

-- MichaelStegherr - 21 Jan 2009

Back up metadata records

The first thing that should be done is saving the currently existing metadata records. This can be done with GAST (GeoNetwork's administrator survival tool). The steps are described below:

  • Login as root to auscope-portal-test with X forwarding enabled.
  • Change to the GAST directory:
    cd /usr/local/geonetwork/gast
  • Startup GAST:
    java -jar gast.jar
  • Click on "Options" (at the top!) and on "Config".
  • Click on "External".
    • Enter the hostname (e.g. auscope-portal-test.arrc.csiro.au) in the "Host" field.
    • Leave the "Port" field blank, if it's running on port 80, else enter the correct port number.
    • Enter geonetwork in the "Servlet" field.
  • Go to "Account" and click on "Use this account".
    • Enter admin in the "Username" field.
    • Enter the admin password in the "Password" field.
  • Click on "Ok".
  • Click on "Export" under "Management".
  • Choose an empty folder to export the metadata records in "Output folder".
  • In the "Format" combobox choose "Full".
  • Click on "Export" and wait until the export is done.
  • Click on the checkbox next to "Templates".
  • Click on "Export" again and wait until it is done.
  • Close GAST (press Alt-F4).

The metadata records should now be in MEF format in the specified folder. I attached them here:

Tried GAST Import feature, it is failing:

  • cd
  • Download backed up records and extract them:
    • wget https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/twiki/pub/Infosrvices/GeoNetworkMigration/auscope-portal-test-BlueNetMEST-records.zip
    • unzip auscope-portal-test-BlueNetMEST-records.zip
  • Change to the GAST directory:
    cd /usr/local/geonetwork/gast
  • Startup GAST:
    java -jar gast.jar
  • Click on "Options" (at the top!) and on "Config".
  • Go to "Account" and click on "Use this account".
    • Enter admin in the "Username" field.
    • Enter the admin password in the "Password" field.
  • Click on "Ok".
  • Click on "Management->Import".
  • Use "Input folder" /root/auscope-portal-test-BlueNetMEST-records.
  • Click on "Import".

ALERT! Got stuck with this error:
  • GAST exception when importing BlueNet MEST data records:

Tried batch import, failing as well

  • Download the backed up records on your local machine.
  • Extract the file into C:\ (a folder auscope-portal-test-BlueNetMEST-records will be created).
  • Click on "Administration".
  • Click on "Batch Import".
  • In "Directory" enter C:\auscope-portal-test-BlueNetMEST-records.
  • Select "File type" MEF file.
  • Select "Import actions" Overwrite metadata with same UUID.
  • Click "Upload".

ALERT! This results in an error:
Metadata is not valid.
Exception : Directory not found: C:\auscope-portal-test-BlueNetMEST-records

Mailing list doesn't help: http://n2.nabble.com/forum/Search.jtp?query=%22Exception+%3A+Directory+not+found%22&local=y&page=1&forum=2013073&daterange=0

-- MichaelStegherr - 12 Jun 2009

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