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Project Overview - Geoserver

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Executive Summary

Interoperability is crucial within the Geoscience community, which is continually striving to find better ways to share work and data. Spatially enabled web applications allow users to share their data using Web Feature Service (WFS) and Web Map Service (WMS). There are a number of technologies that offer these services, both commercial and open source. Open source software is more favoured as it has less restrictive licensing requirements and is open to contributions to suit our specific needs. GeoServer is an open source project that is Certified OGC Compliant for its implementations of WMS 1.1.1 and WFS 1.0, and is the reference implementation of WFS 1.1. It also has a wide community that offers more sustainable support than smaller projects. Read more about it here.

Project Overview

Within this project, GeoServer is only used to serve WFS and WMS.

Problem Definition

The data that needs to be shared is quite often rich and deeply nested, involving multiple data sources. It was difficult to represent these complex features using the existing technologies at the time. The problems were addressed within GeoServer application schema module.

Project Scope

The PROJECT must include:

Key Features

The Project will deliver the following:

  • WFS support for serving rich, complex data with multiple data sources. See Feature Chaining.
  • WFS support for polymorphism within application schema. See Polymorphism.
  • Support for GML 3.2 application schemas in GeoServer.
  • Reference Data Set for automated testing of GeoServer application schema against databases.
  • Improved GeoServer application schema performance, testing, error reporting, and platform support (64-bit, OpenJDK, IBM JDK).
  • Support in GeoServer for WMS from application schema feature types.
  • Support for WFS 2.0 by GeoServer and application schema.

Out of Scope Key Features

The Project will not deliver the following:
  • Replace GeoServer application schema with an efficient object-relational mapping layer.
  • Support in GeoServer for 3D geometries.
  • Graphical user interface for configuration of GeoServer application schema.


The key stakeholders have been identified as:
Name Role
AuScope Community key end-user group
International Geoscience Community end-user group

Major Constraints

The project is constrained by:
  • Completion date - 30 June 2011.
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