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How to get GeoServer and GeoTools commit access


  • To get commit access for the GeoServer and GeoTools subversion repositories, you must first be nominated on each developer mailing list by an existing committer and have a total of no less than three positive votes by other committers (I count the original nomination as one).
  • GeoServer and GeoTools are separate; you must go through the whole process for each. They are separate projects with different copyright holders and governance arrangements.
  • Approval will take a few days.


  • Follow these steps for GeoServer:
  • Note that usernames will be converted to lowercase for GeoServer subversion repository authentication purposes. You can avoid inconvenience by choosing a lowercase username. If you have a username with uppercase letters, convert them to lowercase when you authenticate to commit to the GeoServer subversion repository.
  • If you do not already have one create a Codehaus Jira account.
  • Also join GeoTools in Codehaus Xircles, while you are at it. This will allow you to become a developer in GeoTools Jira.
  • Follow up on the developer mailing lists to make sure your Xircles applications are processed. This will give you GeoServer subversion access and enable your Codehaus Jira account as a developer account for GeoServer and GeoTools. Credential replication might take a few hours.
  • When your Codehaus Jira account is enabled as a developer account, you can be assigned issues.


  • Wait for formal commit approval from the community, then create an account for yourself here (near the end):
  • Email an existing committer to enable your account. They will need to know your username.
  • Join GeoTools in Codehaus Xircles. This will allow you to become a developer in GeoTools Jira, so issues can be assigned to you.
  • Codehaus Xircles is not used to manage credentials for the GeoTools subversion repository: GeoTools uses the OSGeo repository, not Codehaus.



  • Always get module maintainer permission before committing.
  • Don't break the build:
    • Run all Maven tests locally before committing.
    • The safest way to do this is an "svn up" followed by a "mvn [OPTIONS] clean install".
    • See GeoserverMaven for more.
  • Have fun!
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