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GeoServer Community Schemas Downloads

This page is obsolete

See GeoserverDevelopment for information on GeoServer Application Schema Support (app-schema), which replaces community-schemas.

Download GeoServer built with community schemas support

GeoServer 1.6.x / GeoTools 2.4.x built with community schemas support: Notes: This build includes support for:
  • PostGIS
  • Oracle Spatial (ojdbc{14,5}.jar sold separately)
  • Geometryless
  • JTDS (LGPL support for Microsoft SQL Server)
This is experimental proof-of-concept software, offered for free without support. No warranty or representation is made as to its fitness for any purpose. Because of limited unit test coverage in the community schemas implementation and lack of formal regression testing, no quality guarantees are made for this software.


  • Install WAR in servlet context (e.g. in Tomcat).
  • Edit GeoServer WEB-INF/web.xml to uncomment GEOSERVER_DATA_DIR and point it at your data directory.
  • (Optional): To use Oracle Spatial data stores, you must copy an Oracle JDBC driver to WEB-INF/lib. Either ojdbc14.jar or ojdbc5.jar should work. The driver can be obtained from either of:
  • Restart services (e.g Apache/Tomcat) .


Each build is from (close to) the head of the GeoServer 1.6.x and GeoTools 2.4.x and branches at the time of the build.
  • Only notable community-schemas changes are listed below. Builds may include other fixes, new features, or new bugs.
  • Jira issue links may refer to a private Jira instance.


  • Fixed handling of single-valued properties that are peers of a multi-valued property [GEOT-1867].
  • Silenced bogus WARN flooding logs and console [GEOT-1872].
  • Built using BuildBot, with build number included in file name.


  • Fixed potential geometryless JDBC resource leaks [GEOT-1857].


  • Includes fix for geometryless Oracle datetime handling.


  • Fixed attribute corruption bug [GEOT-1543]. This is the bug that caused incorrect codeSpace attributes to be set where multiple elements of the same name are present.


  • Fixed JDBC resource leak [GEOT-1796].
  • Support MaxFeatures in WFS request [GEOS-1930]. Returned numberOffeatures still wrong [GEOS-1986].


  • Fixed GetCapabilities with empty keywords element [GEOS-1929].
  • Added support for geometryless module and JTDS (LGPL support for Microsoft SQL Server).
  • Changed naming convention to reflect extended user base


  • Fresh build from the head of the branch.


  • Fixed handling of MultiPolygons, required to support shapefiles.


  • Fixed encoding of client properties, which were incorrectly ignored in mappings with empty groupBy.


  • Fixed encoding of shape elements to be GML not WKT. [AUS-262]


  • Initial release.
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