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GeoServer GeoSciML Testbed 3 Issues


Architectural problems

Denormalised view of the world

GeoServer complex feature support is built on simple feature support, which accesses databases with a simple one-to-one mapping of feature to table/view, with each field in the table/view being encoded as a single simple XML element of the same name to make a flat (simple) feature.

Only one property can be multi-valued

Because the database is presented as a denormalised view, grouping of one property is supported by watching for the feature-identity fields to change. The problem with this approach is that it is not clear that multiple groups can be implemented, because there is only one dimension inside each feature (row number).

No polymorphism of types.

Cannot have a CGI_NumericValue for features with data and a CGI_TermValue for missing data, because the type of the data must be known at mapping time.

Codehaus Jira

GeoServer GeoSciML Testbed 3 is likely to be affected by all the issues in the following components:

Codehaus Jira for GeoServer project "Community schema" component:

Operational issues

In Jira

GEOT-1276: xml Encoder does not declare namespaces and prefixes indirectly imported

  • XML namespace handling bug in org.geotools.xml.Encoder. Namespaces from transitively imported schemas not output.
  • Workaround: use profile wrapper schema adding extra xmlns attributes to the top level tag.
  • http://jira.codehaus.org/browse/GEOT-1276

GEOS-1928: Community schemas DescribeFeatureType does not work

GEOS-1986: Community schemas returns wrong numberOfFeatures when MaxFeatures used

GEOT-1871: GroupingFeatureIterator3 uses first instance client property for all instances of a multi-valued attribute

  • This corrupts attributes of multi-valued elements.
  • This is the Testbed 3 composition "lithology bug", in which all composition lithologies get the href of the first.
  • http://jira.codehaus.org/browse/GEOT-1871

GEOT-1919: GroupingFeatureIterator3 does not provide value for gsml:Borehole/sa:shape

Not in Jira

All elements inline, including duplicates

All elements are encoded inline, even those whose gml:id has been seen before. This causes output to be invalid if gml:id is included on elements that appear multiple times.

Solution: binding overrides should ensure that elements whose gml:id has already been seen are encoded by xlink:href.

SRS set in info.xml not honoured

Raw values are passed off as EPSG:4326. For example, for
in info.xml we get
<gsml:Borehole gml:id="bh.176896">
    <gml:Point srsName="EPSG:4326">
        <gml:pos>427532.00000583 319739.99999583</gml:pos>


Some mappings get
java.lang.ClassCastException: org.geotools.data.complex.GroupingFeatureIterator3$MutableAttributeImpl
   at org.geotools.data.complex.filter.XPath.set(XPath.java:582)


Some mappings get
at org.geotools.data.complex.GroupingFeatureIterator3$LazyProperties.<init>(GroupingFeatureIterator3.java:852)
at org.geotools.data.complex.GroupingFeatureIterator3.setMultiValuedAttributes(GroupingFeatureIterator3.java:292)
at org.geotools.data.complex.GroupingFeatureIterator3.computeNext(GroupingFeatureIterator3.java:218)
at org.geotools.data.complex.GroupingFeatureIterator3.next(GroupingFeatureIterator3.java:190)

Build/test issues

In Jira

See also Geoserver16DevelopmentSetup.

GEOT-1714: Unit tests fail in path with spaces

GEOS-1760: Unit tests fail in path with spaces

GeoServer wfs-c unit tests mostly disabled

  • This cannot be good.
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