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Geoserver Development Iteration 2008Apr1

Ends Friday 18 April 2008.

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  • Create gsml:MappedFeature backed by Geoscience Australia test data set stored in property file. The idea is that this should end up meeting {use.case.2.a} and {use.case.2.b}.
  • Fix WFS to encode shapes as GML not WKT {wfs.shape.gml}.
  • Write tool to schema-validate WFS responses {wfs.response.validation}.
  • Write tool to query WFS and check responses {wfs.test.automation}. This would perform schema-validation and also check data consistency.
    • Need a way of expressing tests to be performed on the response.
    • Perhaps a sample response and a list of xpaths that must compare equal when applied to both?
    • Or just a sample document and a requirement that the FeatureCollections are equal?
    • There will need to be some kind of manual review of the sample responses before automation can be achieved.
    • Some changes (e.g. timestamps, WFS URLs) will change between responses.
  • Better documentation for setup of GeoServer, test configuration and and databases.
  • Better documentation of test procedure.
  • [Added 2008-04-14] Investigate shapefile support by implementing gsml:MappedFeatureShapefile {wfs.shapefile}.

Deferred (things we decided to not do this iteration)

  • Tool to populate test databases.
    • Deferred because for the short to medium term users are happy to run SQL text files to populate test databases.


  • Fixed WFS to encode shapes as GML not WKT {wfs.shape.gml}.
  • Created gsml:MappedFeatureGaOracle feature type mapping, which maps the GSML_EASTOZ_GEOLOGY table of the Geoscience Australia test data set from an Oracle Spatial database.
  • Shapefile support is working {wfs.shapefile}. See gsml:MappedFeatureShapefile.
  • Incremental documentation improvements have been made as additional feature types have been added.
  • Schema-validation tool has been started and used to improve gsml:MappedFeaturePropertyfile profile wrapper and mapping. This feature is now schema-valid.

Goals not achieved.

  • No test case fully implemented.
  • Validation tool not complete.
  • No automated testing.
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