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Geoserver Development Iteration 2008Jun1

Ends Friday 20 June 2008.

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  • Publish XmlServiceTester {wfs.test.automation} {wfs.response.validation} AUS-253.
    • This must be completed first.
    • One day only.
  • Fix GEOT-1543: codeSpace corruption
    • Discussed an implementation strategy with Rob Atkinson that would fix this bug.
    • Estimate 2 to 4 days.
  • Implement all of Use Case 2, preferably using data stored in a database:
    • Complete gsml:MappedFeature for use case 2A {use.case.2.a} AUS-353. This has been started, but may be refactored when test data becomes available.
    • Implement gsml:MappedFeature for use case 2B {use.case.2.b} AUS-354.
    • Implement gsml:MappedFeature for use case 2C {use.case.2.c} AUS-355.
    • Implement gsml:MappedFeature for use case 2D {use.case.2.d} AUS-420.


  • Start work on support for functions in WFS request filters {wfs.filter.function} AUS-203.
  • Fix GEOS-1930: maxFeatures ignored


  • XmlServiceTester published {wfs.test.automation} {wfs.response.validation} AUS-253
  • Fixed attribute (codeSpace) corruption bug [GEOT-1543].
  • No further further development of use cases.
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