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Geoserver Meeting 12 March 2008

A phone call to discuss GeoServer development to implement GeoSciML Testbed 3.



  • Priority to be given to TestBed3UseCase2 A, B, and C.
  • Identified need to have test data, test queries, and responses. Sample instance documents are not enough.
  • Will use http://www.geosciml.org/schemas/ as schemaLocation.
    • Differs from OrleansF2F2008MeetingNotes in which use of subversion tagged schemas was agreed.
    • Only difference between tagged schemas is that schemaLocations have been rewritten to refer to geosciml.org instead of seegrid subversion (confirmed by SimonCox).
  • Need to confirm that BGS test configuration mappings are for GeoSciMLv2 not v1.
  • Need to obtain Geoscience Australia mapping file for Oracle data store.
  • Defer support for shapefiles as database backends of most interest to users.
    • Shapefiles are also too simple for testing of, for example, functions received in WFS requests.
  • Focus support on Oracle and PostGIS.
    • Oracle first if support for both would take too long.
  • Alistair indicated that Oracle XE might be sufficient (might not need Oracle Spatial).
  • Regression testing required against both Oracle and PostGIS.
  • Ben proposed, and it was agreed, that the deliverables be:
    • GeoServer WAR file (software bundle to deploy in servlet container) with minimal (i.e. empty) configuration.
    • Test data for Oracle and PostGIS data sources.
    • Test configuration for GeoServer.
    • Test tool with test queries that submits them to GeoServer and then validates responses. Tool to allow user inspection of both queries and responses.
    • Procedure to deploy, configure, and test.
  • It was agreed to have a minimal example of the deliverables at the end of the first iteration.
  • WMS support is a lower priority.
  • Role of GeoServer in TestBed3UseCase2 E is not clear. BRGM catalog service may provide this.
  • Communication via seegrid TWiki. Use of WebNotify/RSS on both CGIModel and Infosrvices for participants, and a feedback page.
    • ACTION: Ben to create feedback page
    • ACTION: Alistair to email participants about WebNotify/RSS

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