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Notes on the port of GeoServer/GeoTools community-schemas from the 1.6/2.4 branches to trunk


Port of GeoTools community-schemas from 2.4 branch to trunk

  • Module gt-fm has been removed because the bulk of it has been incorporated into trunk.
  • Module gt-sql-datastore has been removed from community-schemas as it has been ported onto trunk elsewhere.
  • Grouping (support for a single multi-valued property) has been removed, in preparation for feature chaining, which will allow multiple multi-valued properties.
  • All unit tests pass.
  • OASIS catalog behaviour has been changed from using rewriteSystem to rewriteURI.
  • Complex types with simple content have their content stores in a fake attribute "simpleContent". The encoder configuration will have to be hacked to support this.
  • Client properties are still stored in the user map. Need to be promoted into attributes where the encoder can find them without binding overrides.
  • Some allegedly nillable types (e.g. PointPropertyType) are not being recognised as permitted to be null. Investigate.
  • gt-xsd-gml3 GML on trunk provides no geometry types. core FeatureImpl expects them. There is now any ugly layer in MappingFeatureIterator to rewrite attributes bound to a geometry into Geometry types. Investigate a better solution.
  • TimeSeriesStressTest has never been run.
  • MemoryDataAccess and its tests have been removed.
  • TypeBuilder, AttributeBuilder, and Types have been ported from gt-fm. These have an ugly API, and should be refactored to be more like the simple features equivalents in core.
  • The original architecture and implementation appear to be sound. Creds to Gabriel Roldán et al.

Renamed community-schemas to app-schema

Announcement sent to the geotools-devel mailing list:

To better conform to ISO 19101 nomenclature, after discussions with Rob Atkinson and others, I have renamed the GeoTools unsupported module community-schemas to app-schema on trunk. This change resolves the misleading complex/community-schemas naming tangle.

Some significant changes:
  1. Renamed classes ComplexDataStore* -> AppSchemaDataAccess*.
  2. Renamed artifact gt-community-schemas-ds -> gt-app-schema.
  3. Renamed containing module directory community-schemas -> app-schema.
  4. Changed dbtype connection parameter from "complex" to "app-schema".
The module app-schema now compiles and all unit tests pass. No regression tests have been performed as GeoServer integration has not been performed.

Consider this software to be pre-alpha.

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