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Issues and change requests for MCA Demonstrator Project

Readers are invited to add issues to this table - select [Edit Table] below. It is not mandatory to enter a solution, but change requests are more likely to be implemented if a concrete solution is proposed.

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# By Timestamp Component(s) Description of issue Proposed solution Resolution
1 -- GregoryJenkins - 01 Oct 2004 01 Oct 2004 09:16 demonstrator at http://cgsrv3.arrc.csiro.au/wmc/savedapps/geochem2 Information tool bug: caches not clearing. Attribute information for first point queried is displayed for all subsequent points queried during a session. ? Unaddressed

Setup problems encountred with GeoServer

This topic is a quick attempt to document problems encountered with setting up the GeoServer to help others.

The build used was checked out from Subversion repository and was setup on SUSE Linux runing Java 1.4.1_02-b06

  1. build.xml had one case sensitive reference to Geoserver.Jar, needed to change to geoserver.jar

  1. when using embeded jetty http server need to set the Host value to get the server listending on external interface

-- TerryHannant - 11 Oct 2004

Fixed build script 13 Oct. (in svn)

-- RobAtkinson - 14 Oct 2004

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