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Issues to complete Demsontrator application

WFS consistency

All WFS servers should respond to IDENTICAL feature names and definitions.

To see how they behave at the moment, please go to "Add to map" tab, select the WFS. This will give you a list of advertised data types. (the Human readable name if provided in the metadata!)

Note, that the target xmml:GeochemSpecimenByAnalyteAndValue should be modifued to reflect the query schema the application will find in its internal resources registry.

In other words, please change the names of the advertised feature types until they exactly match the target names. (They are also CaseSensitive!)

Target view area

As all three data services become available, the data experts are going to have to experiment to find an aesthetically pleasing view that shows data from all three services. Alternatively, we can create an extra "quick link gazetteer" to a series of named view areas. Post the map extents here. PS - you can find these under the "Layer statistics" button on the UI.


Please record your thoughts here... oops! I posted a rather long email exchange at MCAClientFineTuning which goes into very fine detail. Issues formerly below migrated there.

-- AndyDent - 15 Dec 2004
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