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Teleconference Attendees: MarkJolly, TerryHannant, GregoryJenkins, SimonCox, RobertWoodcock


Primary: Storyboard Secondary: Geoserver Tertiary: Information model adequate?

What is required?
  • Engage internal infrastructure to be able to deploy They know the info
  • products and queries required to deliver Work on storyboard side and
  • what the xml looks like
  • Finally how to present that on the portal - style sheets etc

Relevant twiki pages: https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/twiki/bin/view/Infosrvices/WebHome https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/twiki/bin/view/Infosrvices/Trash.MCAProjectRequirements https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/twiki/bin/view/Infosrvices/MCAProjectScenarios https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/twiki/bin/view/Xmml/GeochemistrySamples


Story Board

October 30th Deadline - initial implementation milestone for PirSA
  • geochem - spatial area query
  • analyte value
  • and by analyte itself
  • any combination of the three

these are the essentials for the demonstrator

Where do people start? Spatial query or analyte view

Scenario 1

  1. Focus on small spatial area (eg. Exploration tenement)
  2. Select all geochemistry
  3. Subset to 1 analyte (eg. gold or silver) or (more likely) a combination of analytes
  4. Select analyte value for detail

Scenario 2

looking for good analyte values Steps:
  1. Start with broader geographic area (eg WA)
  2. Looking for 1 analyte with more than 50ppm - want to see scaled symbols (glyphs) (eg. "select gold values that are greater than 50 ppm?" - analyte unit handling issues)
  3. Select analyte value for detail

In general:
  1. Spatial Query
  2. Filter by geochemistry properties
  3. Select individual detail or report on collection (or XMML dump of entire collection)

Handling of multiple analytes portrayed on a single point location - over lap
  • much of the data is downhole data so is 3D but will be portrayed in 2D so a lot of overlap will occur

Action: RW to follow up the 3D portrayal with Fractal technologies. Can we get FracSIS to import the XMML output and display in full 3D?

Action: PirSA will be supplying some strawman reports and portrayals as a basis for stylesheet work

Analyte unit handling issues

  • Server side processing prior to information transport - use "pure numbers" for ratios - ppm, percent etc indicated as value of "originalUom" attribute
  • Below detection threshold and similar items are explicitly represented
  • Above upper detection limit needs to be made a valid nil reason (exceptional circumstance, could be part of the procedure but exceptional nature probably means handling as part of the analyte value)


  • Arithmetic operations - ratios

Open issues:

  • Stylesheets
  • Geoserver with community schemas
  • Portrayal

PirSA focus is on the server side. Demonstrator is mainly there are leverage to the software companies to put this functionality in.

Demonstrator Bugs: Query a point - cache not clearing. Query one point, then query another get the first ones information Map scale is not resetting with resize of area you are looking at Page size not resizing

Action: RW to create a bug tracking page for the demonstrator


Works best if what you are serving back is a spatial feature Within XMML you can have 1-many relationships Current version of geoserver doesn't support this very well - need quite a lot of plugins to get the multiple relationships to happen

Simplest possible solution is to turn to every possible analyte value into a spatial feature?

Appears that the ideal is to have one spatial feature with lots of analyte values attached to it.

Action: Geoserver WFS technical development and the updated version requires detailed technical handover to PirSA and WA. RW to organise an update as Terry Hannant going overseas at the end of this week.

Information model

PirSA are happy with encoding given by GeochemistryMeasurement now.

Action: RW to follow up and finalise information model with everyone at end of week

Action: Unit testing framework for the server etc?

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