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Attendees: GregoryJenkins, SimonCox, RobertWoodcock, StephenBandy, BrendonWard, PeterBarrs, RobAtkinson, StuartGirvan


Follow-up on Actions

Action: RW to follow up the 3D portrayal with Fractal technologies. Can we get FracSIS to import the XMML output and display in full 3D?
  • This will not be pursued for the current demonstrator as there are insufficient resources to do this development work.

Action: PIRSA will be supplying some strawman reports and portrayals as a basis for stylesheet work

Action: RW to create a bug tracking page for the demonstrator

Action: Geoserver WFS technical development and the updated version requires detailed technical handover to PirSA? and WA. RW to organise an update as Terry Hannant going overseas at the end of this week.

Action: RW to follow up and finalise information model with everyone at end of week

Action: Unit testing framework for the server etc?

New Items


  • Update from RobAtkinson on Geoserver (on twiki?)
    • Support arbitrary back end schemas and arbitrary GML
      • Working version is now running at GA - Stuart doing the GA configuration now.
      • RA having network connection issues at new house so subversion not yet updated with latest fixes
      • Some oracle spatial fixes need to be incorporated from Geoserver branch into MCA Geoserver branch.
      • Still dealing with issues associated with nesting multiple different feature types
    • Handling a geometryless datastore (eg. Using Oracle not Oracle Spatial)
      • In the case of WA and SA the datastore is not "Spatial" it uses x y columns in a normal database.
      • Geoserver extensions being developed are extended from Geoserver "JDBC" components, so it won't work with ARC SDE driver. The work with geometryless datastore is therefore quite important as the possible workarounds using interim shape files etc are limited. SCO are making progress on this with GA
    • MCAProjectScenarios are finalised and SCO would like some sample data that matches these for testing purposes.
      • Action: PIRSA and GSWA to supply some additional test data that match with the scenarios to SCO on the different (middle) views that will be converted to XMML. RA and TH (PIRSA) and BW (GSWA) to follow this up.

  • Geoserver (with extensions) - installation at surveys
    • SCO will continue working with GA to tease out the issues and complete the geometryless datastore work.
    • Both GSWA and PIRSA will wait for the testing to be completed on these extensions before proceeding due to resource constraints.

  • MCAProjectPlan
    • Everyone to keep this up to date so we can keep the teleconference short and focussed on issues.

Next Meeting: 30 Sep 2004 10am (Perth WA Time)

-- RobertWoodcock - 23 Sep 2004
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