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Attendees: SimonCox, RobertWoodcock, StephenBandy, RobAtkinson, StuartGirvan

Apologies: GregoryJenkins, BrendonWard, PeterBarrs


Follow-up on Actions

Action: RW to create a bug tracking page for the demonstrator

Action: PIRSA and GSWA to supply some additional test data that match with the scenarios to SCO on the different (middle) views that will be converted to XMML. RA and TH (PIRSA) and BW (GSWA) to follow this up.
  • WA are building a view in oracle for this purpose. HAving trouble getting the resources together. Hoping to be done Monday or Tuesday next week.

New Items and minutes

  • Update on geoserver development and community schema mapping
    • GA (StuartGirvan) experience with updated geoserver
    • Updated geoserver in subversion?
      • Subversion repository not updated yet. Will be soon. GA and SCO are using a more recent build than the current subversion repository.
    • Oracle spatial fixes in MCA geoserver?
    • Multiple different feature type issues?
    • Geometryless datastore handling?
    • Expected date ready for additional survey trial?
      • Ongoing issues. Progress made in all cases

  • GA external test server has been removed. There may be issues with getting a new one setup so that external access to the test data can be performed.

    • Action: StuartGirvan to check into GA provision of the test data service for use in the demonstrator.

  • Schedule countdown...
    • The Geoserver community is developing some of the features needed by the demonstrator but not all of these are aligning with the schedule. The main issue relates to achieving the geochemistry schema as it currently stands. A relatively minor variation can be achieved more readily.
    • The decision was taken to modify the existing encoding format slighlty to reduce the dependency on the geoserver development. This would allow the bulk of the geoserver updates to be handed over to GSWA and PIRSA so they can perform their mappings and the demonstrator can be integrated.
      • Action: SimonCox and StuartGirvan to tweak the geochem encoding to better suit current geoserver limitations.
      • Action: PeterBarrs and RobAtkinson to finalise geoserver build by the next meeting ready for handover to PIRSA and GSWA.
      • Action: RobertWoodcock to review resourcing for Stylesheet development and determine if duration of work can be reduced significantly.

Next Meeting: 7 Oct 2004 10am (Perth WA Time)

Note: It is expected that Geoserver will be handed over to both GSWA and PIRSA during the next teleconference. Could technical team members please ensure they attend.

-- RobertWoodcock - 30 Sep 2004
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