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Attendees: SimonCox, RobertWoodcock, StephenBandy, RobAtkinson, GregoryJenkins, BrendonWard, TerryHannant

Apologies: StuartGirvan (provided a briefing to RobertWoodcock prior to Meeting), PeterBarrs, MarkJolly


Follow-up on Actions

Action: PIRSA and GSWA to supply some additional test data that match with the scenarios to SCO on the different (middle) views that will be converted to XMML. RA and TH (PIRSA) and BW (GSWA) to follow this up.
  • WA are building a view in oracle for this purpose. Having trouble getting the resources together. Hoping to be done Monday or Tuesday next week.
  • WA don't have any new data in the Musgraves area (not ready for publication yet) - are pulling historic data from GA's database. StephenBandy has contacted LesleyWyborn
  • PIRSA data still coming. TerryHannant will provide
ANSI SQL statements would be a useful format for RobAtkinson. Note: Test data is being supplied to SCO for setup on the cgsrv3 server. This will be a backup and "play" server in case something goes bad with one of the surveys.

Action: StuartGirvan to check into GA provision of the test data server for use in the demonstrator.
  • StuartGirvan confirmed the internal test server is almost ready and external will follow.

Action: SimonCox and StuartGirvan to tweak the geochem encoding to better suit current geoserver limitations.

Action: PeterBarrs and RobAtkinson to finalise geoserver build by the next meeting ready for handover to PIRSA and GSWA.
  • Done - ready to use.

Action: RobertWoodcock to review resourcing for Stylesheet development and determine if duration of work can be reduced significantly.
  • Checked with a possible contract but they aren't able to assist. Looking at other alternatives to finalise this aspect.

New Items and minutes

  • Update on geoserver development and community schema mapping
    • Geoserver can now work with multiple tables (joins!) and non-spatial databases.
    • Still fixing up the generation of namespaces.
    • Shapefiles via goeserver won't support the scenarios. Shapefiles don't have the necessary information/schema normalisation. GSWA will move away from the shapefile approach.
    • This whole module is now part of the core geotools/geoserver trunk. You can grab the latest geotools compile it up and add it to a current geoserver build.

Are links to inline features a showstopper - xlink support? Long term stategy - Geotools people do a code refactoring to finish this (rather complex) part. when? Short term strategy - alter geochemistry encoding pattern to work around the issue.

Action: SimonCox to produce new example encodings based on short term strategy.

This should leave only the namespace issue to address and the GML3 compliance of the geometry in geotools output.

Action: RobAtkinson will update twiki with where/how to get geotools/geoserver from source. Also the configuration requirements.

Action: RA to send geoserver build to cgsrv3 as downloadable file and installed instance.

Action: BW to begin installing against GSWA database.

Action: TH to begin installing against PIRSA database.

Note version on MCA subversion repository is no longer up to date.

Action: RobertWoodcock to arrange for subversion repository to be shutdown. Will use the geoserver and geotools repositories directly from now on.

  • Should detection level be a part of the scenario report somewhere? - Range shows < character, value shows the detection limit.

  • Issues (raised by StuartGirvan):
    • How hard are the bits that aren't there yet?
    • Waiting for next release and comments from Rob A and Peter B - just a straight yes can be done, no can't be done commitment. Need this so we can massage the target if necessary.
    • Geosever update management - full installs preferabel to zipped patches on test servers at each survey?
    • Clarification on time line geoserver? How far is geoserver capable of going? Are there any issues at which can't be addressed this time round? Hand remaining issues over to Geoserver community? Which subversion repository?

  • WMC application customisation
    • RobAtkinson believes the existing scenario workflows can be accomodated by WMC and will begin work on this towards the later half of next week assuming the geoserver installations with the surveys go reasonably well.
    • Action: RobertWoodcock to get stylesheets to RobAtkinson by end of next week for inclusion.

Ongoing issues:
  • Oracle spatial fixes in MCA geoserver?
  • Multiple different feature type issues?
  • Geometryless datastore handling?
  • Expected date ready for additional survey trial?
    • All addressed in previous items

Next Meeting: 14 Oct 2004 10am (Perth WA Time)
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